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September 22
Much of the same stuff applies. I'm a married guy--quite married, in fact. We are pushing our 44th year of bliss. In fact I am a grandpa; and wear that title proudly. Over the years I've learned a few things. And tend to share it--tactfully, I hope. I'm a professional, which only means I went to school and got all the degrees. It took years to do it, and has added a little to that experience thing. I'm fortunate to be doing something I love for a living. But, even then, the work place can become boring. However, those times are few and far between. I have two passions in life. I love to write. Sometimes I do that very well, sometimes not so much. But, I've realized you don't have to be good to write; you've just got to really want to. My second passion is my dog. I am a dog person. I'll try not to get mushy and obsessive about it. Pet owners can sometimes do that. I will write about my black Lab, Max; however, I promise to be restrained. I know how those crazy pet people are. Other than that, you will find out more about me from my entries. They likely will be sporadic, because I obviously have a life outside this virtual universe. But, I will try the best I can to make a worthy contribution to the site. Can't ask for more than that.


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SEPTEMBER 21, 2011 12:45PM

An Inconvenient Sickness


        I’ve been sick.  For the last week or so I haven’t been worth a cow-chip at a Frisbee match.  It hasn’t been one of those “bundle up and go to the doctor” sick things.  At least that's not how I see it.&nbsRead full post »

SEPTEMBER 5, 2011 5:01PM

Spam--The Bane of My Outlook Folder


        I’m no different from you.  I get a little giddy each time I see I have email waiting for me.  Of course, lately I’ve become discouraged and more than a little frustrated by the seventy or eighty junk emails waiting, having beenRead full post »

SEPTEMBER 3, 2011 7:43AM

Someone Should Have Told Me

There were two heroes in my youth: my dad and my big brother.  A boy needs to have strong male figures to pattern his life after.  I did the best I could do to follow in their footsteps.  As I matured and became an adult, I realized they were less than…

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         It is a well-documented fact that our bodies change on us as we grow older. Things drop which should be up and sag where they ought to be tight--dang it. At least that is what they tell me. Granting the obvious physical changes assailing our bodies,

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AUGUST 24, 2011 7:50AM

Scratch and Scrawl

         “What’s that you’re doin’, Granpa?”

         “Well, I’m writing a letter to a friend.”

         “How’d you learn to make those funny marks?&rdqu
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AUGUST 18, 2011 10:17AM

Where the Hell is Dixie?

          Just where the hell is Dixie? Well, it depends on who you ask. There are some folks who contend that Dixie represents the land area located south of the Mason-Dixon Line, which is the boundary line between the States of Pennsylvania and Maryland.… Read full post »

         My father was not a perfect person. He made some colossal mistakes during his life. It took me a lifetime to figure that out. However, in spite of all his mistakes I can say he was a good man. Good men sometimes make mistakes. That is a truth which… Read full post »

JULY 31, 2011 7:36AM

My Pitiful Vacation

       Well, I should have guessed it would happen again.  I’m sitting here in this big ole house reading about the trips others are taking, vacations in exciting places, restaurants in faraway cities, and beaches on distant waters.  I’ve gottta adm/… Read full post »


  I rejoiced early in the advent of computers when they introduced spell-check, for I am the world’s worst speller. I’m much better than I used to be. I have actually learned some of the spelling rules and have mastered spelling some of English’s m… Read full post »

JULY 15, 2011 6:39PM

Warm Memories of Historic Route 66

 Today I sprinted from the air conditioned house to the air conditioned car so that we could eat at the air conditioned restaurant.  Now, before you “tsk tsk” me for being such a powder-puff, consider it was 107-degrees F outside today. Yesterday, I recorded 110-degrees F around…

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JULY 14, 2011 10:50AM

Membership In the Codgers Club


I haven’t received my membership card yet. I’m not sure they send them out. I think it just happens to you. Like the day I went to Golden Coral Restaurant and they charged me the Senior rate. It took me a while to figure out why my meal was cheaper… Read full post »

JULY 5, 2011 12:11PM

"Mine, Mine, Mine!"

      “Mine, mine, mine,” that’s the mantra of two-year-olds. I know, I heard it enough as both of my children moved through that stage. However, now that I think about it, there are many adults who seem to possess an inability to leave that mantra behi… Read full post »

JUNE 24, 2011 12:13PM

A Touch Can Be Magic

  There is something magic about touching. I don’t know how you define magic, but I know it has something to do with the wonder of unexplained happenings. There are a multitude of touches in my life which can truly be classified as being magic.

         I remem… Read full post »

JUNE 13, 2011 1:14PM

Do Dogs Go To Heaven?


          The good thing about being a blond is you don’t notice the gray hair creeping in at the temples.  Since I’ve got to look at that face every morning when I shave, that little detail is pretty important.  I splash water/Read full post »

JUNE 9, 2011 11:17AM

Don't Ban the Banner

          I try to be open minded regarding the feelings and beliefs of others. For certain, I am not always successful at it. However, it is nevertheless my intent. So, I tried to stifle the patriotic outrage which flushed over me when I heard that Goshen… Read full post »

JUNE 3, 2011 11:19AM

Could be a Little Rednecked

        It must be a southern thing. I lived most of my youth before I figured out folks thought it was sorta funny. Seemed to be natural to me. I never thought for a second being called by two names was any bit odd. But, as soon as I walked theRead full post »

NOVEMBER 9, 2010 3:04PM

Confession of a Tea Party Supporter

        Politics is a sorry topic for a journal entry. First of all, it turns everyone off immediately. You can count on that entry being lonely and unvisited. Second, it does little good to spout one’s position since very few folks are receptive enough to cha… Read full post »

JULY 5, 2010 8:53AM

What if I Put Sex in the Title?



Unfortunately, the names we place upon our works are important.  Regardless of what the thing is called, we must market the product to increase awareness and popularity so our product will receive appropriate treatment.  But, first and foremost we must grab the attention of the/… Read full post »

JUNE 6, 2010 12:38PM

On Remembering D-Day


Early this morning it was quiet on the beach.  Rhythmically and unendingly the waves pushed each other to the shore and raced back out to the Channel.  It was peaceful, serene, haunting.  But along those beaches ghosts gathered again to play out the drama that took place there s/… Read full post »

APRIL 20, 2010 6:43PM

Am I a Racist?


Am I a racist?  I mean, I really want to know.  I don’t think I am.  I don’t wish harm to any person, regardless of the color of their skin.  If my son were to bring an Asian, Hispanic, African American, or white Southern Belle girl home to meet… Read full post »

APRIL 5, 2010 3:37PM

A Tear to My Eye

I don't know who sent this to me.  And I don't know what you believe regarding faith.  I am not an emotional person, but when I watched this it brought a tear to my eye.  I wonder sometimes if I am alone?


APRIL 1, 2010 12:10PM

No April Fool's Joke


Sixty-two years ago today the largest sea-land-air battle in history began. It was no April Fools joke. By the time the Battle for Okinawa was over the carnage totaled 130,000 civilian, 100,000 Japanese military and 12,000 American fighting men killed or missing. That numbers about a quarter o/Read full post »

MARCH 31, 2010 12:48PM

Turning the Sands of Time


I have an hour-glass on my desk.  I do that—you know, place stuff on my desk.  Some may think it a detriment to accomplishing much work.  However, the stuff I place there does not get in my way.  At least not physically.  They do act as an occasional mental distr/… Read full post »

MARCH 30, 2010 9:14AM

Chasing Avian Creatures


After visiting a few of my OS neighbor’s blogs, which primarily affirmed to me that the real talent in OS lay outside the parameter of my site, I was sufficiently inspired to loose the tendrils of complacency and write with carefree abandon.  And, so it was, I stared at my… Read full post »


The Paper Boy

“A man travels the world in search of what he needs and returns home to find it.”
~George Moore

         The old man coughed violently; his whole body seemed to ripple and reverberate with each cough. Bernard held his eyes closed and took a dee
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