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January 20
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APRIL 19, 2009 12:08AM

More is More

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 more is more.




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I am guessing that this is the Boston meetup? Looks like fun. Bostonians tend to be a hard-drinkng, convivial bunch.
no emma--chicago meet up ! Logan square--lula's on the square. chicago rocks!
Oh, mea culpa! From the looks of things, a good time was had by all. How are you?
Thanks for more pics Poet! I hope I can meet all of you at the next one!

Emma: I am great. Spring is finally moving into Chicago. Saw a few trees sporting buds yesterday. Maybe you can make our next meetup? Plus, we're planning an outdoor fun thing in June and over the summer.

Gary: PLEASE make the next one--we'd all love to meet you and it's more fun than we all had imagined. People from various disparate places and lives coming together because of one thing: we all love to write.
Gary you were very much mentioned and missed!
Great photos! If you get a chance, I'd love some names?? I think I recognize everyone, but of course, when I met Frank Apisa, I thought he was Padraig, and when I met Cindy Capitani I thought she was Verbal Remedy. So clearly, I need captions. In fact, everyone should walk around with a caption in their day to day life. "I like dogs" "I hate my mother" "I just shoplifted this lipstick" etc.
Ha ha dcv "i just shoplifted this lipstick." wish I had the nerve for that. I will go in and edit this to get the names sometime later today--gotta do some errands. Also, hyblaean-julie has some pics up with names.