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DECEMBER 31, 2009 6:13PM

2010--This One's Gonna Be Better

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To the New Year Gods:

  • I promise to be better in 2010, whatever that means.
  • I promise not to sink into total self pity more than 1 hour a week (yeah right)
  • I promise to chip away at the 3 novels I am working on
  • I promise not to blame life, other people or the Gods in Charge for anything bad that happens
  • I promise to thank life, other people and the Gods in Charge for anything good that happens
  • I will try to get to the Y to work out at least 2X a week
  • I will celebrate life and pray for love
  • I will try not to dwell on lonliness
  • I will be the best teacher I can possibly be
  • I will trudge through the snow with optimism
  • I will not curse anything because I am in Chicago
  • I will bless everything because I am alive, reasonably healthy and still able to remember everything!
  • I will thank Buddha for my mind, my body and my spirit
  • I will continue my daily meditation practice
  • I will ignore nasty, negative things people say and do
  • I will appreciate positive things people say and do
  • I will be grateful
  • I will forgive
  • I will forget
  • I will remember
  • I will be
  • I will
  • I
  • Not I


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All the best for you, Poet. Turn the page to a new beginning.
Ohh, I really like this. Especially, "I will trudge through the snow with optimism" ... which I think might be the central theme for all you'll try in 2010. Good luck and HNY!
Thanks everyone! 2010 is gonna ROCK!
Here's to a fine set of goals and a better years. Cheers!
Well-the light's been on for some time, but I sometimes walk around with my eyes closed. :)
Here's to abundance and overflow in your life in 2010!
I will be grateful
I will remember
I will forget

You need to be whatever you need to be & we will all be here for each other. CHEERS Poet! Peace for the new decade & beyond!
poet of logan, looking forward to reading more from you in 2010. three novels? that's fabulous. I have this feeling about you that one day your face will be on dustjackets, and your books will be on library shelves (although I guess the new ambition is to be on kindle...I think you will be there too...whatever that means).

best to you.
Happy New Year, Poet.! And the best to you.