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JANUARY 21, 2010 8:20PM

Birthday 2010

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I deleted the previous post.

It was just too damn negative and depressing.

And anyway, it's both true and not true.

Fact is, I have hit bottom. The past 3 years I've gone from bottom to one inch above bottom back to bottom again and again and again.

Eventually one of 2 things wil happen: I will move up or I will move out!

Stay tuned. 

I only got 1 comment so I think I finally drove away all the nice people who read my blog. Sorry!

Sometimes I need to stop inviting people to my pity party.

And maybe stop having them? 

I am striving to become the "Happy Hermit."

Watch me. 

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I read the previous post. I think honest writing of feelings is a gift. Repost it, or, not but keep writing. I enjoy your posts.
Hope to see the "Happy Hermit" emerge.
You didn't drive me away. I just can't get on the computer as much during the day so I probably just missed it. So PM me when you post something. I'll come on over. Happy belated birthday by the way!
Sorry I missed yesterday's post. I haven't been on OS much lately. Hugs and happy belated birthday to you.
I am new to OS, so I did not read the post you deleted, but your resolutions for 2010 sounded similar to mine. I too am a teacher with an MFA in Creative Writing who has hit several bottoms (some say that every bottom has a trap door). Happy belated birthday. I decided to embrace my sad lonely birthday this year and saved the tea bags I put on my swollen eyes the next morning. One of these days I'm going to paint them all pretty and get some Mod Podge and make some kind of mobile. I have nothing against your windy city, but the two years I spent in Ravenswood were some of the most isolated times of my life. It was hard not to be a hermit in the winter.
Well, I am a victory for you! I wandered on to your blog from one of my favorites. I love your work! I will be in Tucson for 3 weeks. Keep it coming.