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MAY 24, 2012 5:33PM

Greenheron's OC: Can You Draw Me?

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 This was fun! Thanks, greenheron!

Copied using a Prismacolor sienna Brown pencil, then scanned in, and bubble added via PSE8. (I could not get his mouth or chin right.) 

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I haven't tried drawing like this in such a long while, I forgot how much fun it can be! We needed a breather from more serious efforts. This project is the answer, for sure.
Hmmm, PW. I'd stay clear if I were Kim Gamble. The expression on that pirate's face don't look too friendly. But Kim can handle it, probably.

Wow! Love your style!! Quite the pirate. Perfect.
Fusie: LOL I'm sure he could!

zanelle: I'm a better copyist than a freehander, so I guess I feel pretty unoriginal here. I simply haven't enough time right now to rework something till it looks as fun and as clear as Fusie's or dianaani's, etc. And I'm certainly no match for greenheron's talents. I know what my limitations are....
But thatnks for the positive response.

jmac: Now YOU try!
Great shnozz on that pirate. Fine work, PW.
I stole my pirates from a kids' coloring page website (I use to draw all the time...the Art School peeps said, I HAD POTENTIAL!! :D) and colored them!! Wooo!! :D
Fernsy: Thanks, Birthday Girl!

Tink: We still think you have paw-tential; but for what, exactly, remains our mystery.
Here he be ~ & full of admiration he be too ~ talk about lights under bushels !
Or barrels o' rum even ! Aaarr( hic )rrgghh.
Aw, shucks, Kim!
I'm just an okay copyist. Can't begin to match your verve for fine art. Had I tried to invent anything new, it'd have looked pretty lame....But Thank you. That's mighty kind of you.
From what I've been told, art is just copying what you see onto a canvas or whatever your medium is. Looks like you're off to a good start!
Phyllis: Thanks for the vote of confidence. It's been my experience, however, that there's so much more to art other than drawing what may be viewed as one is drawing. Kim's our real expert here on that score. I'll bet he could draw just about anything at this point. And as it's a wee bit late for me to start, I bow to his expertise...
wow, you're really good at this stuff. love the scarf!
Aww, you're too kind, Candace! But thanks. I'm no Creamer Joy or Gamble, that's for certain.....
You got the nose and chin JUST right! Giant underbite-check. Old Man of the Mountain nose–check. The brown pencil is a nice touch too. I see by his comment that Gamble approves. Full scholarship to the matchbook art school for you, missy.
I saw those earrings at Kohls....right???
Nice job!
greenheron: LOL i'll be sure and tell them you said so!
JD: Thanks! Actually, it's a single from Pirates R Us. LOL
I wondered if anyone was actually going to *follow* the challenge...sort of : )
The sienna's a nice touch!
Just Thinking: I guess i'm the only one who literally copied the pic given. I just did not have the time to refine something original, let alone try for something new.
I'm kinda better at still life, and not too awful bad at portrait drawing (when given enough time, mind you), but I simply cannot measure up to Kim, the heron, et al for originality.
and wasn't Fusie our surprise artist today? I'd no idea she could draw!!! She's been holding back on us for sure! And Candace's sexy pirate wimmin "general" is a knockout. So much fun. Hope the heron gives us future drawing assignments for more smackdowns (Not that I think I could win, it's just a rip roarin' good time)
Ready to Partayyyyyy down this weekend at Kim's?
Well done, Pea Dubb!

And you found that lubber, did ye not?
Kate: Many thanks!
'E foun' me!!! (yes 'e did)

P-) smiling pirate with eyepatch and one eye winking (sort of)
Aye ... 'tis a good wink ye got thar!!!!!!

; )
Pirates Are Us?

You're making me snort laughing. It is not good when I snort..... :)
LOL!!! It was YOU I heard all the WAY DOWN HERE, JD!!!!
JD: ...where they only sell single earrings which were purloined and filched en route on the high seas.
*squeaking with quiet giggles so as not to waken early rising neighbors*

P-0 eyepatch-wearing pirate singing "yo-ho-ho."

*still squeaking as quietly as possible*
I love this drawing, it is very expressive.
rated with love
*hobbling off to bed on her imaginary peg leg*
Good night one and all. Thank you for stopping by and making me smile so broadly.

{JD, stop that snorting, now, you'll wake my next door neighbors' wee one!}

P-I contented sleeping pirate with eyepatch.
look at you! I would have had to trace it to get that close
Weren't you surprised at how fun this was? I thought it would be painful to draw this. Even poured me some rum to steady me nerves ...
Julie: I doubt that, my dear. Your drawing is very clever and shows more personality. Mine's just a derivative of the original. I may copy well enough what I am able to (sometimes0, but I'm no match for those here who also have the chops to draw things free style.
But thanks. You're sweet.
Nilesite: You know what? I do believe you're right. It's fun in that we aren't in it for a grade or for pay, just for the kicks and to share with the others here.
Good point.
Lovely to feel your smile ...
anna1liese: good to have you around, my dear! Where've you been hiding? Over at Kim's Truck Stop?