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Impoverishment does not equal self pity.

Poor Woman

Poor Woman
Anywhere, United States
April 29
Social Reformer
6 Word Bio: RUDELY AWOKEN-- MOSTLY OUTSPOKEN-- REMAINING UNBROKEN ****************************************** My life would shock most people. It is a little known fact that there are quite a number of those on the fringes who may not ever see relief. I am that one you never met, in that we are kept separate by way of societal demands that the poor remain silent, biddable, childlike nonentities without a say as to our care or how it's to be provided. ****************************************** I tend to view things as a selfdisicplined person without advantages. If this won't set with some, then I guess they are not ready to remember who we are as one entity, governed by everyone inclusively. I will not cease to point out any diseased thinking I run across here in the USA. ****************************************** I stand in defense of the weakened, the brutally treated, the denied, the ones for whom life's trial can be too much. I stand with my thought, even when my legs are weakened, my stride not strong. ****************************************** Walk with me on this journey, now, wherein we may ask each other: How much is the value of one person affected by what is generally assumed about them? **** See me also at THE POOR WOMAN'S RETROACTIVE DIARY, (go to LINKS below, if you're interested) a commentary on the level of care I was allowed throughout my time seeking help.