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Navy Veteran currently sailing as a Merchant Mariner. Registered Indie because the 2 party system is controlled by Corporate Media. Haven't heard from me lately? I am probably out on my ship.


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SEPTEMBER 13, 2008 12:50PM

For Those in Peril on the Sea: More Ike victims

The storm

A 584 foot freighter is adrift in the Gulf of Mexico with a Category 2 storm bearing down on it, and the Coast Guard can do nothing.

22 men (the standard crewing for a vessel of that size) about 90 miles southeast of Galveston are in for a roller-coaster ride… Read full post »

Under the Golden Gate

Today President Bush eulogized the service men and women who died in the purported terrorist attack on the Pentagon. (NYTimes Article).  He reminded his audience that “there has not been another attack on our soil in 2,557 days.”

Sorry Shrub, you can’t take credit for… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 11, 2008 11:58PM

Lions and Tigers and Pirates, oh my!

Teddy Bear Pirates


Lions and tigers and pirates, oh my!

Yeah, Pirates.  

The headline screamed “11th ship hijacked by pirates since July 20th”.  

O.K., so it was one of several articles in a small weekly industry magazine called “The Maritime Executive Magazine”, but hey g… Read full post »