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APRIL 11, 2010 12:43AM

The "Bad Patient" 101 Words

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  She thinks she's special, wants everything her way. Has to have a bath only, only female nurses, no males. A very "bad patient"!  This is my report from the day staff.

  She's not bossy, very friendly.frail old woman with deep brown eyes. She laughs at my name and tells her room mate it's very ironic.

   She tells me to come back at 8:30. We met at the appointed time.

   I help her into the tub and note the scars on her back. She hands me her sponge, I see the faded blue tattoo on her arm. Five numbers.

    I understand.

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how is poppi ironic?
how is it that the "bad" ones are so nice to you? what is the magic?
i am just full of questions tonight
So do we, thanks to you.
Speechless....except to say you are amazing..
so well-written and incredibly timely, given tomorrow's remembrance of the holocaust. the strong emotion comes through without a hint of pity or sentiment. just really well done.
Simple, beautiful, timely. Excellent.
Poppies are the flowers used to remember fallen soldiers,lost loved ones.
No magic involved, just treating adults like adults, not children.
"Bad" patients was commonly used years ago to describe a patient who wanted to do something their way instead of on the nurses schedule in a nursing home. Because I let my patients decide things for themselves, like having a bath, staying up late or what to watch on tv, I was often labeled a bad nurse. Things have changed now, patients have more rights.
No showers and no male attendants. What that woman experienced! She earned her "special" status and the respect you gave her, Poppi. If health care workers just had a brief moment to hear, really HEAR, the stories of their patients, they might find their duties to be less rigor and more enriching. -r-
an oxymoron of course. Fabulous
Terrific. Spare and terrific.
Aaah. Another powerful piece. Quite a punch at the end.
You nailed it with this one.
The ending is quite a sobering surprise.
I didn't know that detail about poppies.
Well done!
Oh, my eyes are filled with tears. Just oh.
I have this unusual urge (for me) to say, God bless you._r
...and they didn't notice while giving her bath? Or didn't care. Or understand. Very moving. (r)
Wonderful. Indubitable. R
VERY, very powerful. Thank you for this.
Very well done, Poppi, and you sound like a great nurse.
Is there ever a truly "bad" patient? Lesh and Brown Eyed Girl are correct about this. And I'm sure that with such a nurse as you the difficult ones can relax. Beautiful vignette. rated with respect
ahhh, now i understand, too. thanks poppi
This piece is like poetry...so much to appreciate in so few words. A tribute to fine writing and editing, Thanks for it (and for the reminder to the rest of us not to be verbose!") Rated
I understand, too. She deserves whatever she wants, and I have a feeling the Ironic Poppi will make sure she's treated with the dignity and respect she has earned.
Whoa! I wasn't expecting that, and I had to pause for a moment. Excellent work!
Love this. Very powerful and very heartening to see that you see she isn't a "bad patient"
After all her suffering, she knew how to make herself comfortable. Good on you Poppi.
Well done. Makes me ask, though, must we have suffered to be treated with respect in a hospital? Is not our humanity enough?
Lovely, Poppi. And I don't think she was asking too much. Rated.
I imagine it's easy for a patient to get labeled by busy staffers, reduced to the amount of work or accommodation they require. I'm glad you understood and saw her for more than that.
That punches the gut . . .

If I ever need care -- I hope you are my nurse. Powerful in its simplicity.
My neighbor when I was a little girl was a drunk bad neighbor.....she would drink and throw stones at us sometimes when we were walking home from school.One day she was out there in a tank top and I saw her numbers tatooed on her arm as she was hurling rocks at us kids.....I asked my parents and they explained she had been at Treblinka,the prison camp.Some people we think are bad only behave badly.I havent thought of her for years and today I did.Thank you.
you're a good nurse Poppi
poppi, poppi, poppi !

I consider myself a wordsmith. I consider my self verbally agile. But, I am truly at a loss for words to describe my appreciation of your post and my gratitude that you are a nurse. I can only rate the post, but it will stay with me for some time. I can say that I am the "male attendant" in our house, and I give my frail. weakened wife of 58 years her bath and lotion rubdown -- so I relate.
To bring peace and comfort and even understanding where it is needed so badly that it is no longer expected... take a bow.