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FEBRUARY 3, 2011 3:32PM

Warrior Princess

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viking princess     I've always wanted to be a princess since I was a little girl. It sounds like the perfect job. A castle, nice clothes, travel, a little crown to wear on my head.

   It seemed like the perfect life.

   I loved studying history and anything about princesses.  For a brief time at school in America, I found out that anybody could be traced back to royalty.  It made an impression on my nine year old brain.  What started as a school assignment (trace your family tree), turned into an obssession. 

   It drove my family nuts!

    "Daddy, half of my class is related to the Queen of England. Does that mean they are princesses and I' m not?"

    "Poppi, it doesn't mean anything, unless they have hundreds of birth records to prove it.  Everyone here wants to be related to someone famous.  That's just how it is."

    "So, Beth and Janet and Mary won't be princesses before me?"

     "I doubt it highly. Go do your homework so you won't be behind."

     "I don't have any today, I'm doing more princess research."

     "Your other homework came in the mail today.  Go do it so you don't get sent back to kindergarten next year. Yell if you need help, I'll be in the yard."

     "This sucks, long distance homework. If we just stay here I won't have to do all this work."

     Dad gave me the look.


     I continued my quest for princesshood that whole school year. I enlisted the help of grandparents, great aunts and uncles, anyone who might have any records that could lead to a crown and a castle.

    My grandfather regaled me with stories of Vikings coming on ships from Norway. Erik the Red, Leif Eriksson, Harald the Bold, the norse gods and goddesses.

    "Where are the princesses?  I have to be related to a princess!"

     "Poppi, I cannot change your ancestors, there are no princesses."

      "Thor's Hammer! My ancestors suck!"

      "Go to your room, Draumsoley. You are tiring my head with that slang!


       Uncle Jake came to the rescue.

       "Why are you crying? Is school that bad?"

        "I'll never get to be a princess, I have the wrong bloodline. I'm a loser from the north pole.  No princesses there!"

        "They're wrong. There are princesses in Iceland, we just don't advertise them like the rest of the world, because of their magic powers."

       "Uncle Jake, do not try to amuse me."

       "I'm serious, you are descended from the Ice Princesses, a top secret legion of warrior princesses who control the weather, can freeze water with one look.  Princesses who can fight evil and kill dragons and ogres. Princesses who can make a volcano erupt with the blink of an eye."

      "Do they have castles? Crowns? Ladies in waiting and all that?"

      "They live in the caves in underground castles, their crowns are helmets and they carry golden swords. Much cooler that princesses that just go shopping for ball dresses."

     "so how do you know I am one of these princesses?"

     "Red hair and brown eyes, only the ice princesses have that colouring."

     "Warrior Princess.  Poppi, Warrior Princess!  I like it uncle!"


       I traced my family tree back 14 generations, that was as far as I could get before Daddy threatened to shut off the phone service. My long distance calls were getting expensive.

      The days dragged by. The class continued with it's family tree presentations of kings, queens and princesses.  Then it was my turn.

      "I traced my family back fourteen generations. It's about nine hundred years or so. While there is no royal family or throne in Iceland, we do have Ice Princesses.  There is no way to become one, except to be born to it.  Every few generations, a princess is born with magical powers. Warrior Princesses with golden swords who can freeze water into ice with one look. They can talk to animals and control the weather.  If you make them mad, they will blink their eyes and make the volcanos erupt!  When an Ice Princess is born, her family knows it immediately. It is a rare and special occassion that is celebrated. Some of you make wish to be princesses, and if enough people die, like ten thousand or so, you may get to be princess of a foreign land.  Some of us are born princesses and we don't even know it until someone tells us the secret of our identity.

      "I am Princess Draumsoley of the North. A warrior princess."

       I didn't get picked on for the rest of the school year.











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All warrior princesses have red hair. Ask Older/Exasperated. Or LC Neal. Or Scanner. Or Linda S. Or SnarkyChaser. Hell -- ask *me*, for that matter. I've been married to one for 28 years. Wouldn't trade her for the world.

But that's some prodigious scholarship to go back 14 generations. Impressive.
All hail the Princess.. :)
we bow to you..
rated with hugs
Oh, Lady Draumsoley, your highness, might you be the one then who's causing these terrible blizzards in our country? If so, how may we appease you so you'll turn them off?
Very cool heritage! I'm jealous!
Poppi, it's so good to see you. And this story is so sweet. I'm glad you discovered your royal roots. ~r
I wish I could stop those blizzards! I've been following the news on that weather channel. It looks like northern Greenland in Chicago, except Greenland doesn't have as many big buildings!!
Its snowing here again. It looks like sugar crystals!
O, your Royal Highness, Ice Princess Poppi - I adore the story of your roots. What a wonderful, wonderful tale this is - and how lovely you are, and blessed are we to hear this !
great story, and if you look like that, i predict a brilliant future.
I dye my hair a furious red. Does that count?
Poppi, I wished all my life I was of Viking blood or a witch.

Needless to say, this story is beautifully told.
(I've traced my family tree about only 100 years back, looks like I've got a lot of work ahead of me and I doubt I will find records older than 200 years back and that's if I'm lucky. You know how the gov't is here. A 900 year family tree! So envious right now.)
This is perfect and wonderful.
better and better. the kind of royalty hidden until needed, power conserved until called upon. of course, i knew it all along.
Uh-oh. I forgot MrsRaptor from my list of redhead warrior princesses. She's going to hunt me down, I know it.
Wonderful family tree. You came from realists! But the cat is just lovely? Is that a Snow Cat? Wow!
I loved this! How many of us dreamed of being special, a princess. I pestered my mother so much at age 5 that she got me a real crown and wand that had batteries in it that lit the thing up. It was fantastic! I had the crown up until my nieces were born about 25 years ago. I lent it to my sister for them and it never made its way back to my house, the wand being long gone. However, my daughter was Mai Konigin and they gave her own crown in 2009. So, it turned out okay. The fantasy of youth is realized with your Princess Warrior, and in your case it just might not be fantasy, you are royal!!!
Yeesh. I'm glad you're on our side, Princess Poppi! At least, I hope you are. You are; right? Please?
I had nothing todo with the storms in the US!

Aren't snowcats pretty.They are huge beasts!
Your fun and run up bıg phone bılls. Is that you up there. I admıre your strong feelıngs towards yourself and more...Hope ıt ıs not too cold there now!