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JANUARY 1, 2012 7:33AM

The Wish Window

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    The fire works have ended.   The old year lays his head down on the soft pillow of time.  He covers himself in the blankets of history and sighs his last breathe....tempis fugit....

      Baby New Year cries from her basket on the front steps all rosy cheeked and blonde curled, "Gaaa!" she laughs at us.

      We look at her like we are new parents.  What will she bring? Chaos or calm, Joy or sadness?  Will we mourn her passing or bid her good riddance. So many expectations.

      We pick her up from her nest of babywraps.  She is heavier than she looks.

     "Wishhhhh!" she giggles and tips her head looking at us with those big baby blue eyes.

     We laugh along with her, what shall we wish for? She crawls about, putting seconds in her mouth and laughing.

     "Make a wish!" she yells, gathering the minutes into little piles, and gives us a knowing smile. Minutes are more filling, she grows quickly.

     "Make a wish! Make a wish!" she yells as she runs through the house.

     We never realise, the wish is past, we missed our time.  That brief millionth of a second between the old year's last breathe, and baby new year's first.

      "Make a wish!"says the little girl, putting the hours, minutes seconds into baskets. She peels the wrapper off a new day and takes a bite.

     What do we wish for? It's got to be good, we only get one New Year wish. We think and think and finally come up with one spectacular wish. The little girl is gone. In her place is a sullen teenager with too much eyeliner and a tattoo on her arm. "annos 2012"

     We have our wish we tell her as she crams the seconds, hours, minutes and days into her backpack. She rolls her eyes as she takes a big bite out of a week.

    "Too late, you blew it," she says as she picks up her bags and walks to the door. She turns to look at us, "You people are so lame!"

     We run after her. She is throwing the bags into the boot of a beat up car.  She tosses her hair, rolls her eyes again as she opens up a bag of months.

    "Look, I gotta go, I'm hungry, I can't be late." she says pouring months from the bag into her mouth. She gets into the car and slams the door. She rolls down the window. The teenager has grown into a young woman.

    "Truly, I am sorry. But there are rules I must follow. You'll have to try again next year."  she drives off, leaving us standing there crying.

      Through our tears we see a smiley sticker on the bumper with four small letters below......

                                                H   O   P   E



@ 2012 D. Robertsdottir

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........the mud obscures the rest of the smiley sticker; "dies in the face of reality."
Poppi, I am so happy to see you. This is one of your best and one of my all time favorites. ~r
skypixie Happy new year! Hope never dies, it just gets muddy sometimes!
Hi Joan! Happy and safe New Year to you and your beautiful family!
Your good and thanks for the nice way of saying HOPe. Cheers and more.HNY!
I really love this...Happy & Healthy New Year to you & your loved ones, Poppi Iceland! Wishing hope for everyone...
Ten billion people 'hoping' that a house gets built, accomplish less than a child who brings home one small board as its contribution ........
A delightful story. Life is full of missed opportunities and still the days go by. So we missed our wish window. We open the door to hope. Hm.
Masterpiece. This should go viral, be a perennial, like 'Twas the Night..." Marvelous, D. Robertsdottir!
Great fable with a profound moral. You tell it well. Is this from Ielandic lore?
I'm going to be thinking about this one for a while. Nice job.
clayball, Happy New Year to you too. Hope this is a good year!
skypixie- hope is what drives all kind acts, its the inspiration that makes the child bring the board,the teenager to get an education and go onto invent and cure, the adult work at a soup kitchen, an aide worker to risk their life to help others in disastrous states, a nun to start a hospital for the unwanted, it's what makes us human. without hope our souls would wither and die. Hope is a powerful thing, it resonates through the universe as apowerful inspiration!
I hope your New Year is the best ever.
phyllis45, thank you, you truly get it. Happy New Year!
Matt- thank you, I am not sure how to make something go viral that doesn't involve lack of handwashing and germs! Viral would be nice
dwhite-its actually a thing my dad used to tell us, "Hurry and make your wish before the window closes, before the old man dies and the baby cries" of course we never knew if we made the deadline! through the years the other images have crept into the story. The concept of the new year eating time came about watching the way kids eat.
jlsathre-thank you so much. It was my intent to make everyone think of time and hope and how precious they are!
The little girl is gone. In her place is a sullen teenager with too much eyeliner and a tattoo on her arm. "annos 2012"

Why is that image so scary?

This was a wisftul and wonderful take on hope and anxiety and ... just life.

Happiest New Years to you Poppi.
"She is heavier than she looks."

Indeed. Full of promise...problems...things we cannot yet predict. Baby New Year carries those secrets.

And you...sure know how to evoke all that. Thanks!
Fernsy, thank you, the sullen teenager scares me too, she's more of a symbol of lost time than the baby is!
Keka, wouldnt it be great if we could get a fleeting glimpse of some of those secrets!
You were the first person to comment on a post I wrote here over 2 yrs back. I am happy whenever you are here. You have writen a brief beauty here.

Hi jonathan!! wow 2 years, it seems like we have been here longer. Im glad you liked this.
Hi jonathan!! wow 2 years, it seems like we have been here longer. Im glad you liked this.
Your definition of 'hope' is not one I have ever seen before. The way you describe it, it fits right in with such nonsense as "wishing" and "prayer".

Hope is NOT a motivator of deeds. It is a barrier to deeds. Desire motivates; planning motivates; inspiration motivates; even hunger, poverty and pain can be motivators. Hope? Hope is the lazy way to excuse oneself from doing - just like its companions, wishing and prayer.

If the world could be made a good place by hope, it already would be.
Truly wonderful. Happy New Year to you and yours. -R-
love this. I'll be thinking about this for awhile.
skypixie! we could go on all day about our definitions of hope and its already close to bed time here.
Everyday when I wake up I hope I can make a difference in someone's day or life. Im sure that sounds lame to someone not as optomistic as I am, but it works for me. That daily dose of hope has led me all over the place, from simple things like helping some one old carry bags, to caring for people the world has forgotten, to throwing yogurt at politicians because they are crooked and it helped to overthrow the government, to building schools in Central America, carrying on my Dad's tradition of providing an escape route for battered women, to identifying bodies in a genocide, providing food, shoes and clothes for kids in too many places to name.
I carry hope with me at all times. I made a small difference today and I will make another tomorrow. Hope keeps my eyes open to opportunities to make a difference and the ability to act on it.
If I give up my hope, I give up on humanity. Its all that was left after Pandora opened the box. It needs to be taken care of
Thanks Cristine! Happy New Year!
thanks Mimetalker, Im glad you enjoyed this!
And yet, I am still moving kinda slowly today ... happy 2012 to you, Poppi!
Dianaani! Happy New Years to you....Im moving slow today too, I made a huge batch of meatballs and egg noodles this morning, posted on OS and have been puttering about the house.
Nice parable, Poppi. It's in all of us to try, and hope and belief -- at least for me -- are the fuel. We went for our annual New Years Day walk in the woods this afternoon, and although the trees are all bare and there's mud everywhere, I know that'll all change in spring, whether I'm here to see it or not.
What Joan said. Wow. Just spectacular.
Glad to see you back and writing! Happy New Year and many more.
HOPE is for hopers.
"We never realise, the wish is past,
we missed our time.
That brief millionth of a second
between the old year's last breathe, and baby new year's first."

this is existential stuff.
new moments born every tick of the clock.
ways to regain sanity & security, yet
shoves its way to the front of the line.
safety & greed duke it out.

both win.

hope dies.
I am feeling a sense of urgency in response to this beautiful poem/story of yours. Of course the older I get the more urgent I feel. Time to get my act together (already!) SIGH. Wishing, hoping, praying; battling cynicism as I go. But you are a good and helpful homilist.
Lovely visual and message. Happy 2012.
Boanerges1- powerful fuel indeed. We need it as much as air, food and water. I'm glad you had a nice walk in the woods, can't do that around here, not enough trees. Tomorrow I will enjoy my 4 hours and 23 minutes of sunlight by sitting outside and reading. Summer's coming whoo hoo!
Sally! Happy New Year! Im a little late because its already 2 January!
I love this way of illustrating the endless march of time, Poppi, may this year bring you and yours much joy!

Reality contains hope, I've always thought, while pessimism warps reality...
Hi Maryanne, its good to be here, have a great New Year!
James- thank you for your comment. I do tend to be existential quite frequently and an optimist daily. Hope is alive and well in our home, despite the profound grief, loss, illness and disasters we have gone through. Happy New Year.
EvaT- Happy New Year to you and yours. Time does fly the older we get. Ive had interesting chats with folks over 100 and theyll stop mid story and say, where did the time go, it seems like yesterday that happened.
My Mom used to sing this song I cannot remember all the lyrics, but there are verses that go "got to make the best of a bad situation, got to keep on keeping on." Ill have to look the lyrics up somehow. When things get crappy, she tells me, "Soley you've got to keep on keeping on" She also told us to wave at people if they look sad when we drive past them!
Chrissie- thanks! Its good to have you stop by have a wonderful 2012!
poppi, you are an icy wonder woman, and this is brilliant from babywraps to the last word. i was completely caught up at "putting seconds in her mouth and laughing" and, well, even before that. best best best, can't say enough good things.

happy new year to you up there in the frozen north from the warm(ish) west edge. xo
Just thinking- pessimists are people who have lost sight of hope. Have a joyous New Year!
Candace- Happy new Year!! I will always think of the new year baby gobbling up time, like that funny way a baby will chew on a teething biscuit, they have a cute way of picking it up, showing it to you laughing and then chewing it to pieces! all done with that funny baby giggle they do.
I should be asleep, but I woke up from a funny dream and here I am the insomniac existentialist. Hubby is snoring away along with the snowcats, I can hear the foxes rummaging under the house. The yard is dark, real dark and the stars are so bright tonight it hurts my eyes to look at them. like a bag of spilled diamonds on black wool.
Since you have decided that your intentions, plans, habits, desires, and philosophy of life all fall within the meaning of the word 'hope', I can see that you will continue to willfully misinterpret my comments as an attack on your position instead of merely a correction of your terminology.

I like and respect your way of living and wish you well with it; but a bowl of porridge is still not a jar of jam.

Skypixie- not a wilfull misinterpretation. I value your opinions definitions and point of view, even if it differs greatly from mine. We are different people with different views. I enjoy your comments on my blog and will always welcome you here. I like to debate! Im very optimistic, and if I am hungry enough I can make that lumpy old porridge taste like the sweetest jam.
We live in a complicated, screwed up world. I cannot give up hope and stop trying to make it a little teeeny tiny bit better everyday, even if its only for one other person. It keeps me going. It has saved my life when I was full of despair and fear and sadness.
You have something else that keeps you going . I have hope. :)
Hope for the new year!
Poppi, this is just wonderful! From the old year covering himself in the blankets of history ... to Baby New Year bidding us 'Wishhhhh'... putting seconds in her mouth .... gathering up the minutes ... and ...

Well it is all just so darn good and sits with me, holding me, and making me think ... and .... regret a little ... but then I'm left with HOPE!

I love your response to skypixie0 ... "Hope never dies ... it just gets muddy sometimes!" EXACTLY!!!!
I knew this would be interesting and leave our mouths open as soon as I saw the photo.
Adult books bore.
They need sketches.
We need more colors.
Thanks. It leaves asking,
wondering, and senses
convey great Love Within.
I always wonder where to draw the line.
It takes amazing parental/adult wisdom.
Sometimes life is 'quirky' and a bit scary.
Myriad- Here's hope for your happy new year too!!
Little Kate- here's hoping your new year is awesome! Im glad you enjoyed this little story!
Art James- thank you for the poem! Quirky and scary, yes it can be! Sometimes the quirky can be downright disturbing!
Sometimes, all we got is hope and dreams!!

Tink! Happy New Year to you too! The snowcats overdid the tuna and catnip casserole and are still trying to recuperate. Hope you get your dream job this year! Meow!
Poppy, this is the most beautiful parable, a striking metaphor, not only for each year but also for our lives as we start with minutes and chomp down days, weeks, months, and years until we arrive at the very end. I grew up with the images of the new and old year as a new born baby taking over from an elderly, bent old man, unaware how soon the former would be there himself.

May we all fill the unforgiving minute, with sixty seconds' worth of distance run, my friend. A very happy 2012 to you!

This was so wonderfully put! A happy 2012 to you and yours, and I hope your new year's wish comes true!
FusunA "fill the unfogvining minute.." wow, so true and beautiful. Time is a hungry little baby who growssss too too fast! Happy New Year !
Alyssa! Happy New Year in Paris must have been beautiful! We had tons of fireworks and bonfires, and I got my wish. I found my missing cat, shes made friends with a new cat down the road.
Rich symbolic tale. Such a pleasure to write pieces like this. More please. We could stand to break out of our realism rut!
Hi Beth! Yes we do need to take a break from the reality once in a while. Have a wonderful new year!
What a lovely piece, Poppy, simply beautiful. Happy New Year! R
An absolutely amazing post that I'm glad I came to (even though I'm late). Happy and prosperous new year to you as well.
Thoth! So goo to see you in this shiny new year! Hope its the best!!
Gerraint, Happy New year to you tooo!! Its never to late to say Happy New Year! Did you have fireworks and party in Saudi? Im curious..
Three daughters who have all grown and gone.
Three best friends who are always there.
Three wishes that all came true.

I love this wonderful, real, deep as it gets for parents, sharing of nurturing and letting go. It's the ultimate 'ouweeeee!'
"Will we mourn her passing or bid her good riddance?"

Both. That bittersweet thing which happens with time marching on. Great piece!
Absolutely great, make that perfect. RRRR
...another Happy New Year! Thanks for sharing this post, Poppi Iceland, and wishing everyone a 2013 of new hope and new beginnings.