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MAY 21, 2008 10:36AM

Blue People of Kentucky, Keep on Shining

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Fugate Family 

Since Kentucky’s people are being dissected and polled for their opinions by age group, ethnicity, educational background, and income level, I thought I’d add another segment of the population to the debate.  Blue People.


Yes, once upon a time, and potentially still today, blue people lived in Kentucky.  The Fugates, who moved there in the 1800s, carried Methemoglobinemia, a disease which prevents the blood from carrying the proper amount of oxygen and, in turn, gives the skin a bluish tint.  As folks in Kentucky are wont to do, they intermarried quite a bit until a whole bunch of blue people were roaming the countryside like an indigo “The Hills Have Eyes.” Then one day in 1960, a doctor came along, quickly diagnosed the problem, and prescribed the missing enzyme to the blue ones.  Within minutes, they pinked right up and no longer felt blue, at least in appearance. 


Blue races have also existed throughout history, from an African tribe, the Tuareg, who literally dyed themselves blue from the clothing they wore, to William Wallace and the Picts who painted on their pigment.  On a more deified plain, the Hindu god Krishna drank poison, most likely blue cyanide, which some murderous demons had thrown into the river, saving civilization but forever tinting his own skin in the process.


So you see, although George Carlin was mostly correct in declaring that there is no blue food, there are definitely blue people, and for that matter, blue chickens.  Smurftastic!


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Hey when Zane, my now 17 year old, was very small and Schuyler, my now 15 year old, was even smaller (crib small), Zane painted him from nose to toes Smurf blue with those Crayola washable (ha ha) markers. Took forever to wear off.

I'm thinking that Zane must have been Welsh in a past life and was experimenting with modern methods of woad. Or something.

Interesting about the KY blue people. I never knew that. You seem to have the most amazing collection of trivia packed into your brain.
I do have a habit of gathering mostly unusable knowledge. I can walk through the zoo and identify all the animals by genus and species but cannot manage to run my house properly.
Ha! Housewifery is highly overrated. Much better to have a head full of useless trivia. Makes you much more entertaining.