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FEBRUARY 23, 2012 1:59PM

Israel Compels Iran’s Self-Proliferating Prophecy

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RF-101 Voodoo reconnaissance photograph
of the MRBM launch site in San Cristóbal, Cuba (1962)

Let’s try to fathom a situation where a foreign country ninety miles from the American border has access to nuclear capability that is supported/ condoned/ facilitated by one of the world’s major super powers.  Based on the threat of nuclear attack from our enemies, clearly the response of the United States would be to disarm its own nuclear program. 


If not, what exactly do we expect the nation of Iran to do when the United States supports/ condones/ facilitates every international war crime perpetrated by the hawkish Israeli government, especially when the Israelis repeatedly announce their intentions to invade Iran—and to expend its nuclear arsenal if its generals and politicians deem it “necessary” to the protection and stability of Israel? 


For years I taught a student-friendly film about the “Self-Fulfilling Prophecy” theory.  It focused on how fears that banks might fail after the Crash of 1929 led to a panic among account holders, resulting on a run on the banks that otherwise might not have occurred.  The film goes on to apply the concept to employee performance if the boss (be s/he corporate or the manager of a baseball team) behaves as if the person will probably do badly or well.


And it includes an experiment where a teacher was told before meeting her students for the first time which were brighter and which were not; even though all of the students possessed the same capabilities, the teacher did treat the “brighter” and “less bright” students according to preformed expectations and got the anticipated results. Though hindsight makes obvious how such behavior led to the utterly arbitrary and insane Great War of a hundred years ago, some find similar correlations between the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy and the current oppression in Syria.  But why stop there?  Surely we did not accumulate storehouses of nuclear devices in or to NOT use them! 


 In that context, no matter how dismal the past five years have been economically and in worldwide violence, weather cruelties, and so on, THESE are the Good Old Days.  


Objecting to Israel’s knee-jerk penchant for bullying and whining in the same breath and to the United States supporting/ condoning/ facilitating that nation’s every war crime does not imply that Iran is a virginal maiden tied to the railroad tracks—though pro-Israel rhetoric has long cornered that claim as well.  Even after Israeli aggression or retaliatory aggression induced by Israel’s bullying policies result in radioactive decades that make Global Warming a pipe dream, will the United States continue its pro-Israel hooliganism?  


Perforce, the question is lamentably and morbidly rhetorical. 



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You're certainly correct about the tragedy of self-fufilling prophesies as far as Israel and Iran are concerned. That was a subtext of my latest blog on the IAEA walkout from Terhan this week. faved and rated.