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JUNE 10, 2012 3:05PM

Prosecute Bush/Obama and, Corporate War Criminals, Now!

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Prosecute Bush/Obama and Conspiratorial, Corporate War Criminals, Now!

On the corporate side, their self-enrichment is filled with conspiratorial actions and well within the boundaries of investigation. There appears to be nothing less than stealing from not only investors but from state and local governments as well as from employees. This is “in your face” criminality and the process, which moves it, is well within the area of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act. Why is has not been invoked is beyond me. Oh, wait I know why! That law was designed, created, reserved and sponsored, by WASP corporate types, but for use only against Italian Catholic, corporate types. 

What is so corrupt in the case of some, but not all corporations, is that they are using YOUR money to finance their greedy careers. How? Take corporation for instance who blackmail weak or corrupt governors, legislatures as well, as corrupt congress people, into giving them multi-million to multi-billion dollar tax breaks. They then steal billions from their investors by conspiring with boards of directors for huge compensations packages and highway robbery retirement packages, some of which are as much as between $175 million to $276 million dollars added to their multi-million dollar compensation packages. This is shareholder money stolen right out of the hands of investors. 

With that and the money they can seduce weak minded and/or corrupt politicians and just like that your taxes go up again, and they take that money and make multi-million dollar donations to candidates with YOUR Tax Dollars so that they can further influence legislators to make more money to pass bills in their selfish interests and against the good of the majority of the people.

Now compare those manipulations to even the best paying pension funds into which teachers, professors and other contributed all of their working lives and you are comparing pennies to trillions. The thing is that in 1932 – 1945  a fellow sent as a God Send, FDR, outfoxed America’s most vicious corporate criminals and traitors, and some people say that, they and their followers haven’t had a stiffy or an orgasm since. But you have to understand, these corporate types had a hard time getting either before FDR, he just made it much harder, or in their case, much more flaccid. 

Take for instance the cases of the wars on Iraq and Afghanistan. So far a cost of some $20 trillions has been spent on a series of wars of fraudulent wars, which many of us saw coming at the very mention of WMD’s we knew the Iraqi’s did not have. How did we know? Because if they had those weapons they would have used them just as they did use the poison gas which H. G. W Bush supplied them in fighting the Iranians before his presidency. Look at this from a purely logical point of view.

The Oil companies along with others of Military Industrial Complex, such as the arms dealers/ordinance and makers, got the politicians to use our troops and our tax dollars to bully and murder their way into stealing Iraqi oil which was selling at five cents a gallon at the pump, and then once having that oil, they have profited 9,000% a year since, by artificially raising the price from it’s cost at 2/3 -3.2 cents a gallon to $5.00 a gallon. 

So, Americans, those who actually pay taxes, a thing most Corporate people do not do, got shafted to pay for our troops which were used as a private army of the corporations, to hold up and steal oil at the expense of said troops and taxpayers, who gave limb and life, only to be further charged as the criminals ran the price of oil/gas from pennies to $3.50 - $5.00 a gallon, while it is selling today at 12 cents a gallon in Venezuela and between five cents to $1.00 a gallon in 30-50 other nations.

I say we send the bill, backed up by our military to every oil company and the rest of the Military Industrial Complex, for the last 12 years of war and take the oil fields our troops and we the citizens paid for with our cold, hard cash and bodies. I say we bill them $20 trillion for use of our military and another $4.7 trillion for their over charges on oil, so about $25 trillions and then nationalize the oil and give we the citizens the profits.

What do you say, after all we paid for the wars and the high jacked oil prices robbing Americans of cash and at the same time draining their resources by paying a near zero in interest rate on our savings while the banks keep that interest to the tune of $385 Billions a year plus compounding that interest, costing you and I over a ten year period about another $7 trillions and all of that $32 trillions is your money but stolen by The Military industrial Complex and this administration is purposely trying to bleed the working class by not paying at least 5% interest to savers. 

Corporations want low pay for their employees and no benefits, which will only get them undereducated, not so bright, teachers and professors. But that is what they want, isn’t it? Yes, it is so, because they fear bright teachers educating kids who will be to smart to fall for corporate scams. Corporate executives are robbing your pension funds, to pay for their elaborate lifestyles and to give to corrupt politicians-Your Money They are stealing, you into an early death or worse.

Many voters are so deluded that they seem to like being made financially impotent by a corporate Mafia in which, no matter how many people they kill with their wars and toxic crap products, no matter how much they steal from you, they still get the people whose teachers were not the Best and the Brightest, to vote for them. Why? Because those people become so poorly educated, that they will defend, support and vote for the very people who have made their pensions, 401 k’s, health care, home values, incomes, and other benefits, shrivel and disappear and yet, some people out of fear or sycophancy, still support them. Well, as the Wicked Witch of the West said, “Whatta world, whatta world, whatta world.”


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You are asking the thugs who control the world to please commit suicide. It's a pleasant thought.
Why the hell do you drag Obama into this? This is why he sneers at the extreme left and gets my support for doing it. I am worn out from reading "suggestions" that don't do anything, that weren't being made when white men were president, that don't make sense and that don't fix anything.
Why drag obama into it? Seriously you MUST be kidding!

obama not only pardoned the criminals but expanded the criminality in a multiplicity of ways.

Nice to see You back, Peter - You've been missed.

Professor Peter, you've just hit a homerun in the bottom of the ninth with two out's!! Bravo!!
Obama is in the pocket of the lobbyists too. And he has expanded the illegal drug war far beyond what Bush did. Obama may be charismatic but that is as far as it goes. It's time to vote him out of office although Romney is a poorer choice.