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DECEMBER 17, 2012 11:03PM

An Open Letter to Governor Quinn!

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 If I have ever seen a more despicable and dangerous piece of garbage than Governor Quinn's “Kids Don’t Have Lobbyists, Part 1” I do not recall it.

You weren not above corrupting little children to do your filthy work. It is demeaning to use them in this way, and how far is that from Child Abuse? His use of innocent children as your “Hit-Men” firing away at the backs of retired professors and teachers, lying by saying that their pensions are taking away from children’s medical and other benefits, is below the lowest paint of unethical behavior. You are placing TARGETS on the backs of elderly retired educators. What lies and hypocrisy! It is akin to putting a HIT on educators. Why not simply ask some of those mass murderers if you can borrow their weapons to take out the educators? Or send the mass murderers to their homes or their hospitals.

You lied about the reason for the attacks on teachers with the incompetent Constitutional amendment, claiming that the voters wanted it, but as it turned out our prayers to St. Michael the Archangel, My Patron saint overturned your sickly plot and the voters defeated it. Now you take this Hitlerian approach of ignoring that failure on your part and are trying to humiliate the educators into what? Heart attacks, strokes? Is that what you wish upon them? 

No teacher makes as much money as you do, why not cut your salary and end your pension? Aren’t you certainly acting like one of the directors of Dachau or Auschwitz-Birkenau with teachers as the victims of your Illinois death camp attitude? You are certainly not acting like a follower of Jesus

The book of Hitler’s The War Against the Jews will soon be joined by Quinn’s War Against the Elderly Educators, which I am now working upon. Are you, sir, a coward? Are you are the new Judas, the new Robert Ford, the new John Wilkes Booth or the new Lee Harvey Oswald? Some people believe you are. Especially the democrats who make up, the vast majority of educators in Illinois. They call you, and I am cleaning this up, a ”turncoat extraordinaire.”

First thing the Nazi’s did in Poland was murder the intellectuals, professors and scientists one by one. But you are trying to do them all at once. Congratulations for that company which you are now keeping with things like, “Whether the campaign's characters generate ridicule or praise does not concern the governor's office. Its goal is to get people talking about pension reform by whatever means possible, makes you sound like Adolph Hitler, “Any means possible?” How does the bishop view that? You apparently do not care what people answer, you are saying that you will only listen to the envious, the sickest of people.

You, like all cowards, picked upon the most vulnerable group: elderly people who when younger, studied hard and educated themselves, many of them were veterans in WW II and Viet Nam who have now come home to face Nazi like behavior in the State House? And here you are, beating up on defenseless seniors at the request of Tea Party Republican avarice generators. Well, professors don’t give “donations” do they?

Why not open concentration camps? Why not because teachers will not be able to afford their homes if you take away their income. Then the teachers can face a death camp ending of their careers? They who contributed their own money, their hearts, their souls, their ethical view of life, now simply want to live out those lives. But for decades when the politicians stole their contributions by never honoring or contributing the state’s share of a contract, a promise. You are nothing more than “Dead Beat Dad’s” attacking and demonizing and refusing to pay those who are now elderly and most in need of peace and rest. The state has put people in jail for less and you make them victims, targets-TARGETS for Crazies!

One of my friends, a retired teacher who is 78 years old was shouted at by a young man who threatened him saying, that retired Professors are stealing from the children and do not deserve to live. Nice going Mr. Quinn.

Crazies with access to weapons will see you silly cartoon, idiotic-advertising slander of educators as just another tie with the philosophies of 1920’s – 1940’s in Germany, ganged up as an okay way to do away with elderly retirees. You think nothing of demeaning and ridiculing veterans and others who spent small fortunes educating themselves, who served as educators for decades. Some had successful careers and were recruited with, “We want the best and the brightest. Well educated people with professional career experience to teach in our college and while we cannot offer you what you are now making we can offer you a wonderful pension plan.” 

And this most unconscionable comment: “Whether the campaign's characters generate ridicule or praise does not concern the governor's office. Its goal is to get people talking about pension reform by whatever means possible, makes you sound like Adolph Hitler, Any means possible?” A lame attempt to make a sick film seem to be going your way, when it is not at all. 5.000 saw your site but the vast majority was roundly rejected making you look foolish.

You throw away our money on Republican projects and it is rumored that more money will be stolen to aid a poor billionaire in repairing Wrigley Field. But that, you think does not take money away from children. Hypocrisy, Hypocrisy, Hypocrisy, at it lowest point, wouldn’t you say? Judas Priest, Pharisee, get thee to a confessional! I do not recommend going to communion with this still in the works, sir. That would be a quick shot to Hell. By giving Sears and others billions of dollars as they blackmail you wasted cash on lotteries throwing $550,000 into one lottery. If you had saved that money by making reasonable lotteries and stopped giving it away and had contributed the pensions would be funded People have gone to jail for less than that. The problem is you know nothing about growing jobs. Are you and the judges going to give up your pensions and healthcare? Are you going to cut your salary and pensions as well as that of the House and Senate?

 How do you sleep at night blindsiding people who should be respected? This is far worse than simply a sinful thing, it is akin to forcing retired people into a form of political genocide, by slowly driving teachers bankrupt.

Is that what you are willing to do to your own children Mr. Quinn? Or just the now grown children of others? Children? You know far less about them than do teachers. The children are the beneficiaries of the educator’s knowledge. You are opening up a bag of rattlesnakes that will haunt you forever, even into Hell.

 If any educator is attacked physically as result of these slanders you have fired at their backs, I will be the first to contribute heavily for his/her lawsuit against you and your staff and the addlebrained persons who wrote your sick uninspired and misguided slop, and the ignoble use of children in a disgusting conspiracy attempting to intentionally agitating people to violence, shouting fire in a crowded theatre by targeting intellectuals for target practice for crazies, just as they did in Germany in the 1920’s  through 1940’s. That is not the brand of Catholicism I taught a Bishop Quarters, St. Patrick’s Academy and Fenwick High and more in college and graduate school. I would hate to have to explain that behavior to My Holy Father on Judgment Day!



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