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JULY 14, 2010 11:56PM

NAACP vs. Tea Party

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A plan by the NAACP to condemn perceived racism in the Tea Party movement has sparked fiery attacks between the NAACP and Tea Party leaders.
NAACP President and CEO Ben Jealous addressed a resolution being debated at his organization's annual convention in Kansas City, Mo. on Tuesday.
"Expel the bigots and racists in your ranks or take the responsibility for them and their actions," Jealous said. "We will no longer allow you to hide like cowards and hide behind signs that say 'Lynch Our President' or anyone else."
In his speech the NAACP leader also took aim at ex-Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and Kentucky Republican Senate candidate Rand Paul -- two political figures who have emerged as icons for many Tea Party supporters.
"Sarah Palin says, 'Let's party like it's 1776.' My white daddy would say be careful what you wish for because the 18th century, Sarah, wasn't good for anybody, even folks like you," Jealous said. "And if you want to debate civil rights, and the Civil Rights Act, Rand Paul, my message to you is this: show the backbone and answer my challenge, set a date and I and the NAACP will be there."


The Republican lobbyist created 'tea party' has been nothing but a front for racist rhetoric delivered via Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh from day one.

Support for the neo-Confederates, support for the racist 'Birthers' and the racist John Birch Society end all debate over this issue. Point at signs all you like, the bottom line is they support racist groups like these joining their ranks and taking on their branding.

The NAACP has come out to speak the truth minus the media bullshit filter that moronic Americans rely on to feel good about their racism and bigotry. Unsurprisingly the racist right-wing has responded by both denying it and calling the NAACP racist in response.

God forbid these racist bootlickers could denounce the liars in the racist 'Birther' movement.

Asking for honesty from a conservative is like asking a rapist to treat a woman with respect.

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I have been following this some until I can't stand it. The Right has gone totally insane.
Yes to all this. And don't trust any constitutional theorists who don't know how to spell.
Judging solely from the cretins who have invaded OS, it seems to me that things are likely to get FAR worse than they already are.

I wrote on this topic, too, and an apparent white supremacist left a comment on my WordPress blog to the effect that the NAACP is racist because it is comprised of black people joining together out of self-interest.

I lambasted him, pointing out that in his world view, when the oppressed blacks band together for self-protection they're "racist," but when the already-dominant white people band together out of self-interest, they're only out for "freedom," "liberty," "democracy," etc.

Truly, the Civil War never ended, and I'm one white guy who's ready to kick red-state ass again...
Yes, they have gone insane Spud. That is my assessment as well.


I hear that, Lefty. I don't trust any constitutional "expert" who can only quote the 2nd and has no idea what the other amendments say.


I fear you may be right, Mark.


The "sigh" here is that I sit and listen to racist cretins espouse hate speech and then call themselves "tea party."

Nope, just racists and unpatriotic liars. Certainly leaves room for for moronic people of color to support racism like the 'birthers' for instance. Those people are either self-hating individuals or just morons like the whites who think this shit is not pure racism.


I'm another one on that list, Robert. I'm more than ready to kick red state ass and put an end to lies of conservative traitors to the nation.
EVERY TIME, I yield to the urge to click on one of poorsinner's links, I wonder whether his bio comment "I'm against jackasses," was written with a straight face or, simply, a case of Freudian projection.
I'm going with Freudian projection, but that's just my take on it.
Progressive Liberal, this is no longer fun -- You read me as easily as if I were a digital timepiece.

Did I rate this blog post, yet? -- might as well try again.