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NOVEMBER 10, 2010 1:07AM

Random Missile Fires Over Southern California

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The official statement is that this was not a missile.


Do they think we are stupid? Wait, I know the answer to that...



The official story is much more rational now, it's all about optical illusions and how clear a day it was ... blah, blah. Boils down to they are still saying it was an aircraft, though I might buy that it was a rocket and not missile if someone would take responsibility for this. Which has not happened yet.
It's important to know that this now falls into a "UFO category" kind of story. Could be anything ... I tend to favor the 'misfire scenario'--the actual expert from the video clip thinks perhaps international displays of military might toward Asia, maybe it's an off-the-grid space program that nobody knows about in the gov't.
Instead of identifying the phenomenon, the Pentagon would only deny responsibility for the missile. 

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With warmonging idiots talking about invading Iran, I guess it pays to practice.
I'm surprised they didn't tell us it was a UFO.