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January 20
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APRIL 10, 2010 7:34AM

Lethal Attraction

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My son came home yesterday grinning guilelessly as he described his friend's girlfriend.   Apparently this paragon Amazon has passed the 'meet my gang' test.   Tagging behind me as I cleared the laundry from the radiators into his innocent arms, he detailed her extraordinary attributes one by one.

When he announced that her favourite TV station is ESPN, I paused.   My eyebrow elicited the exasperated explanation, that it's only the station that shows all the US games my son is currently obsessed with.  Aaah... such exciting synchrony.

As he chattered on, I reminisced about teenage years and first love and that lethal maze that was adolescent romance; the twists and turns that directed the odyssey between heartbreak and bliss.   

I came out of my reverie just as he admitted, "I wish I'd met her first!"



Oedipal eye blinks

suspect object of desire

Homer loves alone.




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I guess ESPN sealed the deal. Young love is not a pretty thing. I hated seeing my son's first heartbreak. But, she and him may yet "hook-up", as they say and they'll be watching sports on your couch.
Oh no. I hope he does not get his heart broken. Or maybe she has a sister?
I thought the same thing. So nice that he can be so honest with you.
Hi everyone, thanks for the kind comments. I was surprised by his guilelessness, too. But then the haiku occurred to me. I realised that this girl means something to him I can never mean. He's beginning a whole 'nother journey without me :: sigh ::
At least she won't have to teach him how to do the laundry!
How sweet young love can be, PM! I agree with Dorinda....I hope she has a sister. The fact that he can share such things with you is a testament to you as a mom. Great post!