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March 19
I am Ray Bilodeau also known by many as "PtaRay" I have lived in Fremont for 18 years. I have a wife, 3 daughters, 1 son, several grand children, and a cat, friends of all political stripes, some are very close friends, and a few out there who think I need a hair cut!! Being of Mexican-American decent. I understand racial tensions, and cultural heritage and its place in life as a family. We had to down play ours, and sacrificed the ability to speak Spanish at my primary schools request, and my mothers belief that being Mexican -American in California was not helpful to my fitting in. (She will debate this today) California was not quite as progressive when I was younger. I can be outspoken, and have been called the "pit bull" for the kids. (long before Sarah Palin made that term a joke... YEARS BEFORE) I was heavily involved in the Fremont education system in some capacity or another for years. I am invested in making the children and parents of America see that life has many paths, and all can lead to success if you choose to seek it. If you want more details read on: My experience with life is extensive for my 50 years of age. I bring practical and life taught experience. In my life growing up I have Personally experienced much. Again being of Mexican-American decent I heard the racial slurs and the need to keep my ethnicity buried for self preservation. OK, take a deep breath, ready?... ...I have experienced the gang thing, the drug thing, the alcoholic parent thing and the highly religious parent thing. The honors kid thing, the failing kid thing, the early baby thing, the marriage thing, the divorce thing, the step dad thing, the step child thing, and a painful loss of child. But wait!, there's more! I have been a security guard, a pizza parlor manager, a cement silo worker, a potato sacker, a landscaper, an office manger of a print shop. I was daycare for several children (besides my own), I have helped sell skin care products, I have taken a certified parenting workshop (several months long). I graduated from Silicon Valley college, as a certified desktop publisher. I have done remodeling, interior decorating and I have done care for the elderly and even my mother in-law loves me!!! (I am her full time caretaker and defender of the elderly) Having lived through the tough times of my youth, and the hard core life the streets can throw at you, realizing that while mistakes can be made while you are young, you can always be salvaged, and no person is beyond success if you are willing to be persistent, I want to give back to the kids what I learned the hard way, so that they can have an easier life than I did. Oh yeah, I also pretend I play the guitar, and keyboard. Hope this gives you plenty of info and helps some. "An open mind has room to grow... A closed one is merely storage" E.R.Bilodeau


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MARCH 30, 2011 3:20AM

The Obama Doctrine

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The Obama Doctrine:

Think smart, act smart, be smart. 

Too, simple for some?



What is so hard to figure out about the supposed “Obama Doctrine” as so many love to call it, so it sounds like a beltway media’s bullet point precursor.


Getting it ready for the B.S.and blur folks?

There appears there is  no "set" or predetermined formula that fits all potential future situations.  The term “doctrine” gives the impression or almost requires that it be a hard line and unbending single direction of thinking.

Obama does not seem to have that belief.


Obama seems to have been quite direct and made it clear this is not to be seen as a “precedent” and the future actions of any other possible interventions will be judged on the merits of that specific case.

How hard is that to figure out really?


The fluidity of war and warfare costs, and political uprisings change almost daily. So the belief that this President will have a single plan which resembles some telegraphed cookie-cutter delivery of actions will occur is ridiculous.


The “doctrine” news cycle is solely for the rhetoric clan. The rhetorical clan can just babble and cloud rational leadership, with smears and well placed sound bites that have no meat or depth, but make the snippets of news many see and hear appear s if they carry weight, but it is fluff.

 The way real life unfolds and the way the media and the news junkies and the false news spreaders, the extremists and the radicals, they all know we like information and we like to be “in the loop”.

The sad part is that when they could be using that freedom to gain information and inform the citizenry of this nation, many use it to find ways to undermine the credibility of the very things which keep this nation safe.

Leadership elevates our status as a nation, both nationally and in the eyes of the world. 

The desire by some members of our nations elected officials is so driven by hatred and the disgust of all things Obama, regardless of correctness, national need or global reality.


They in fact do more harm to the well being of our nation, yet cry the loudest about the failings, they themselves created by false information and over-reaching rhetorical ideology in the name of pandering to their sugar daddies.


So what is the Obama Doctrine?


I think it is simple enough… think first, consult second, think again, take action.


If this is the plan for all the future hurdles that Obama runs into, I think we have a good chance of seeing leadership work, and the news cycles and the propaganda machines fail miserably.


The usual rhetorical posturing will fail, because they will have no predetermined bullet points to apply to the situation other than their hypocrisy.


As leadership happens on the fly at times, and political posturing requires an audience and a script. 


Acting while it happens, as in "Leadership" requires you pay attention and not just speak to hear your own words. 


And this scares those who have just been viewed as leaders, but done little to earn that name.


You know who you are you crazy radical zealots you!!......


The Obama Doctrine: Think smart, act smart, be smart. 

Too, simple for some?

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