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March 19
I am Ray Bilodeau also known by many as "PtaRay" I have lived in Fremont for 18 years. I have a wife, 3 daughters, 1 son, several grand children, and a cat, friends of all political stripes, some are very close friends, and a few out there who think I need a hair cut!! Being of Mexican-American decent. I understand racial tensions, and cultural heritage and its place in life as a family. We had to down play ours, and sacrificed the ability to speak Spanish at my primary schools request, and my mothers belief that being Mexican -American in California was not helpful to my fitting in. (She will debate this today) California was not quite as progressive when I was younger. I can be outspoken, and have been called the "pit bull" for the kids. (long before Sarah Palin made that term a joke... YEARS BEFORE) I was heavily involved in the Fremont education system in some capacity or another for years. I am invested in making the children and parents of America see that life has many paths, and all can lead to success if you choose to seek it. If you want more details read on: My experience with life is extensive for my 50 years of age. I bring practical and life taught experience. In my life growing up I have Personally experienced much. Again being of Mexican-American decent I heard the racial slurs and the need to keep my ethnicity buried for self preservation. OK, take a deep breath, ready?... ...I have experienced the gang thing, the drug thing, the alcoholic parent thing and the highly religious parent thing. The honors kid thing, the failing kid thing, the early baby thing, the marriage thing, the divorce thing, the step dad thing, the step child thing, and a painful loss of child. But wait!, there's more! I have been a security guard, a pizza parlor manager, a cement silo worker, a potato sacker, a landscaper, an office manger of a print shop. I was daycare for several children (besides my own), I have helped sell skin care products, I have taken a certified parenting workshop (several months long). I graduated from Silicon Valley college, as a certified desktop publisher. I have done remodeling, interior decorating and I have done care for the elderly and even my mother in-law loves me!!! (I am her full time caretaker and defender of the elderly) Having lived through the tough times of my youth, and the hard core life the streets can throw at you, realizing that while mistakes can be made while you are young, you can always be salvaged, and no person is beyond success if you are willing to be persistent, I want to give back to the kids what I learned the hard way, so that they can have an easier life than I did. Oh yeah, I also pretend I play the guitar, and keyboard. Hope this gives you plenty of info and helps some. "An open mind has room to grow... A closed one is merely storage" E.R.Bilodeau


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JUNE 1, 2011 10:43PM

GOP and psyche-Ops?

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GOP and psyche-Ops


Could the GOP use tactical messaging and psyche-ops to manage its constituents, and manipulate election campaigns?


I ask this simple question.


How does a plan which 70% of Americans dislike with toxic ideology get so much serious press and apparent “support”?


If not mind control, what?


Blind party allegiance, based on a feeling or false rhetorical moral standard is not even close to smart and informed election research or sufficient knowledge to give that much power to anyone.


This is Democracide by radicalism. They are the MINORITY VOICE FOLKS!


Welcome to the party that is building a DNA data base on residents in Florida.


The GOP speaks for a party that has passed possibly 40-50 abortion restriction law, or hopes to pass.


The GOP has assaulted the right to bargain collectively in many states.


It hopes to fundamentally kill Medicare as it has been recognized.


It seeks to go after minimum wages.


It has declared “Financial marshal law” and subverted the very democratically elected officials in one state. (so far.)


If the Boehner pack is in fact a minority in a body, which is a minor part of a larger body, which represents the Nation at large, how do they claim to have the moral right to push an agenda which is nationally seen as undesirable?


It appears the true majority of this nation could not possibly be getting proper representation based on the facts, if in fact the nation is being held hostage by a small radical group who appear to be holding the majority hostage in a hostile coup of the government, but under the guise of economic revolution.


The facts, the history and the very nature of the lacking levels of critical thinking being shown in the GOP of late, says that the message and the true value base has been compromised by a few who have too much wealth, and even more self-righteous indignation.


They express outright contempt for true democracy and “public will” being the driving force that shapes this nation.

In contempt there might be subversion, and the words of some of their own extremists they say that too much radical religious influence is a “problem to watch”.


For a party that hates big government so much, how does it justify all the big brother actions and promise to give the wealthy more tax breaks too?

It does so by apparently capitalizing on the bulk of Americans in hard times, they created in the first place.


At this rate we will be seeing a what? a Palin/Trump ticket?


On a side note: The "Tea Party" is not and has never been a registered and officially seperate entity from the GOP, but it has ridden on the *coat tails as it were for all it's worth.


 *red coat tails that is, yet another smoke and mirror action by the GOP.


Just a thought to ponder.

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