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OCTOBER 30, 2008 12:35AM


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My,my. Have you ever been so close to something that you can't make out it's complete form? Can't see every side, angle and unfortunately insight. For weeks and weeks I have been completely dumbfounded at the apparent acceptance by Republican voters of their ticket.

McCain was fairly benign before the convention, as far as insults, lies and myths. Then, he chose Sarah Palin as his VP candidate. I was first informed of this via news online. I immediately laughed, honestly. And I said to my Son sitting nearby "McCain just gave us the election!". He asked me why. Being no political junkie, or pundit, or scholar, my response was based simply on my immediate observation. That McCain was fruitlessly patronizing women , and with a totally unknown person.  That simple. At least for me. Having supported Hillary Clinton, I was greatly insulted.

Was the GOP thinking that putting  her on the ticket would thrill women all over the country and in turn be easily swayed to the Republican philosophy ? Were they going for a historic chance in the campaign as well, meaning the inclusion of a minority. No matter, I was reassured at the time and believed most women would feel as I did.

Then comes the Republican convention, Palins' speech, and the ensuing nightmare. The manner in which the women attending, after hearing her name for the first time only five days earlier, stood ,and screamed, and whooped, and howled like sheep was nauseating. I was baffled. Okay, it's just the convention and the atmosphere, etc. This would change, I'm sure.

So, as the weeks went by, the mystery of Sarah Palin only grew,and no one could talk to her. Yet people were still sheeplike. She and McCain travelled attached at the hip day after day. They resembled a circus act, like Siamese twins. He stood behind and to her left, and on cue, would come that scary forced smile across his face, pointed to someone, and put his thumb up in apparent fraternity. Didn't seem the press or country noticed. 

Here comes the Couric interview. Wow! Skepticism en masse began. And from then on, Palin did nothing but embarrass herself and make McCain look an ass or an inpatient for choosing her. Once they separated, their plans were evident. It was to be dirty politics, on steroids. They insulted, accused, ranted, Bill Ayers, Acorn, unamerican, Muslim?, terrorist, socialist and finally "Redistribution person in Chief," I believe. Throughout all of this character assassination and hate mongering, I kept wondering why the polls weren't more favorable to Obama. Obama won all 3 debates. McCain was doing everything he could to shoot himself in the foot yet never say anything substantive!!

The two even managed to make hundreds of thousands people angry, then fearful, then hateful!! Now, the news and the people really couldn't help but notice. They made this campaign one of the dirtiest in recent history. Still, I was stumped , honestly, as to why they were even in the race. Until tonight, 6 days before the election. And it is truly, truly sad.

It is, after, all ,about Race.

In a Larry King interview, when asked if race was an issue in this campaign, John McCain said ,in his best try at sounding regretful , I'm sorry to say that there unfortunately is racism in our country still. Then he added the punchline of this whole writing; "But Larry, I'm telling you 99.44% of voters will be voting for the candidate they feel best prepared."

Then it slapped me.    99.44% = Race. 

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Very true. Good post! And it will be all about race for a long time to come, whether Obama wins or loses.