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BA in Liberal// Arts University of Toledo The Ohio State University Football Fan GO BUCKS Sketch artist/ studying image differences and opportunity to mix traditional and new digital technologies. Have passion for Philosophy, Mostly Medical Ethics, Healthcare/Patients Rights, Bioethics ie:Right to die,Reproductive rights, Right to choose, Informed consent. AM NOW PROUD OF MY PRESIDENT Joined Open Salon late 2008-Eager to Learn All I Can About Writing in Short Context

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JANUARY 10, 2009 9:41PM

Only But For Open Salon

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I sit, like a department store mannequin , my head a bit askew and staring at my computer monitor. I am trying to "find" a subject for my post. As I haven't written in a couple of days, the itch is there and wants a scratching.

Since yesterday morning, I have been tossing around a few things. So when I sat down tonight to weave some magic, as I whimsically call it, there was to be no problem with subject matter. That was until I read two posts from our OSers.

Just two posts knocked me on/off my creative ass.

If as described, Salon is a work in progress, then Open Salon is life in a work. How many wondrous, sorrowful, happy, informative, humorous, artful, silly, infuriating , unexpected or moving posts have we been able to enrich our souls with here at OS?

So very glad I came.

The two posts are from :Hawley Roddick and Theodora L'Engle Knight-Hawley's is her latest on her Mother's death/Theodora's is on Suicide




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Just write from the heart. Whether it be happy, sad, anger, frustration. You know you can write. So write... Don't measure yourself by others. If I did that, I'd curl up in a ball.
You're a wonderful writer. Write from the heart. The only judge of your work is you. Period.

All the best,
I just write and read and comment. Same as everybody here. The writing here exceeds just average. It is awesome
Just do what I do. Write about me!
Well, you've already heard from the master in the first comment. Don't try and match his output though, you will burn up like so much tiny cosmic detritus in the atmosphere.

Michael Rodgers is a great guy. Funny, too. But don't listen to him; he stole his advice from Freaky Troll.

You can always take my route, too, but you'll need sunscreen.
I hate when I do that. Send you down a wrong path.

This way to the beach.