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JANUARY 12, 2009 2:10AM

Your Ear Mr. President..If You Please

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Sir, may I have your ear, brain and heart for an hour? Thank you.....



Mr. President? Or may I call you Barack?.......Good. You know my name, right?

I thought so. Yes,Donna. Ha... but you want to know something, there’s a lot of GOP diehards that will likely remember me from the Internet campaign as QCBucki. Oh yeah, I went to the wall, as they say, for you and the changes we need. I spent many a day setting straight hundreds of supposed Republicans,of whom I felt to be not so bright, and were trying to propagate the lies that those infamous “two”,mostly Sarah, were spewing about you. Could you believe it? And some of those right wing bloggers were honestly just plain mean, no matter how civil I was. What I and other Democrats noticed after time, was the most resolved campaigners, were just plain unhappy. And the Muslim thing, we didn’t waste the time responding. No helping those who close and lock their minds, right?


Well, I only have an hour, so I had better get to the point.


As you know, I was told I could only bring up one issue. Talk about tough decisions. With all you and I and the country have on our plates, it is like a smorgasbord of choices that all are bitter tasting. I, nor the country envies you this package of sorts, left on your doorstep, but you likely already know that.


I decided that our Foreign Policy is what I will try to get you on my side on, OK?

I realize the many pre-existing problems that Senator Clinton will inherit.  Maybe she could clone herself.These past eight years have been, to me,a disaster for the US. Thinking of Mr. Bush, and I’m reminding myself to be courteous regarding language and accusation ‘cause I know you won’t say negative stuff about people in high places, but he's nearly fully discredited us in the eyes of the world. There,I, not you, said it.


Foreign Policy,God! There are too many fires to put out around the world.  I won’t start getting into each and every problem, as we don’t have long. 


My greatest concern is the Near and Middle East, Barack.

You’ve been very clear how you feel about Iraq and I’m totally with you on that. Wouldn’t it have been great if we didn’t have the big mistake to deal with in the first place? Oh well, sorry. Your intentions in Afghanistan do bother me. Sure, you’re planning to proceed in what should never have been interrupted at all. As I can’t know the intelligence that you do, I am still  guessing that you and the Congress are of the opinion that if Bin Laden’s still alive, that’s likely where he’ll be. ( You can tell me, I can keep a secret haha).

None-the-less, it’s been seven years since the attacks. Ah, that’s like enough time for Bin Laden to have gone around the world a few times and maybe build a castle in the Swiss Alps! Do you see my point?  Besides that, the dissension in that entire country is so volatile, and it’s getting worse. The geographic familiarity and demographic problems combined are huge, agreed? The Taliban are not easy going diplomats but rather self serving thugs. Besides, look at what the US has already done to that country. It is nearly in rubbles. The infrastructure needs rebuilding along with small villages and towns, like I am telling you something you don’t already know, I just feel since Osama cannot be found, and that was our original mission in the country, correct, why keep our troops there, or now send more? Maybe to rebuild? I can see that justification.


If we stay and you send more troops in, one additional drain will be Pakistan will want you to serve their needs at their NW border. I know they will. As it is now, the elite families’ militias are like the Hatfields and McCoys ,it’s nearly a civil war. (It certainly isn’t civil!! Sorry, ya’ gotta have some humor midst all the insanity)

I know that many, many dependent countries make demands on us. We are suppose to be the all great, do all, fix all country! And now, more than ever in our history, this country is drowning .And so I ask, where do we stop? Who decides equanimity? You, Barack? Sec. Clinton?, Congress?


What’s up with China? Why can’t they help other countries? If they have all the money now, and they sure have the man power, why not? And what about the other industrialized countries? Come on,Barack, will you just give some thought to the possibility of demanding, no, asking these completely viable countries to do their part? Isn’t the United Nations there for a reason? ....Yes, I know. Not exactly effective,God, not exactly anything more than a tourist stop and facade.


We don’t have to bring up where we might possibly use the extra money from greatly reduced Foreign Policy expenditures, do we? So, speaking of expenditures, brings me to the thorn in my side........... and yes, I’d love some more coffee.


This is a bit difficult, but here goes. Could you see your way to re-thinking our country’s unquestioned, long time across the board support for Israel? Yeh, that’s what I said, Israel. No, I’m not kidding. Yes, I realize the difficulty. No, it would not make our country look anti-semitic. It would make us thrifty.

We give Israel over ten billion dollars a year, right? Right. Do we ever even ask if they really need it? I know we don’t . Do we ask how they are going to spend it? ( Speaking of giving money away without any accountability sound familiar? LOL I know, that wasn’t your ‘watch”)


Could the money be going towards arming Mossad? The military? Or maybe we would like to tell ourselves it goes to starving children. Oh,wait, should we just say it’s for orphans? 

Don’t you think the presence and the huge size of the Israeli lobbyists in DC is counter-transparency at the very least? What do I mean, exactly? 

You know, I really believe that sometimes a little knowledge can actually end up being a good thing. I don’t mean little as in uneducated, ignorance, narrowness of vision. It’s as a child sees things in a way. Simply and honestly. Remember how kids are known to speak out,simply commenting on what they see and end up embarrassing the adults? That’s because kids haven’t learned to be dishonest. Follow me? They call it as they see it. This is how I come to my observations and opinions on Foreign affairs. I look at it objectively and then process what I see with logic, and when they don’t fit, something is wrong for me.


Dishonor is usually an acquired thing done by choice or choices made, followed by the fear of facing those said choices. Then comes the snowball effect and soon a whole lot of like minded people in close proximity, like DC, are staying silent, not making waves or rocking the boat because they haven’t honor or honesty left. So, you think that can explain how some lawmakers are never called on the proverbial carpet for breaking the law because the very accusers are themselves compromised in some legal or at least ethical situation? Sorry, Sir, I digress a bit.


My point about “little knowledge”.........is my analogy for someone, like me, coming into the environment of Washington and begins to just look around and ask some questions. I don’t know quite enough to NOT ask certain questions, or notice blatant mismanagement, non-attendance in the Houses, and persons who it would seem to me do not have a reason to be there at all. I, do not see any clothes on the Emperor, no matter what the Media or lawmakers say.


Barack, and I cannot understand why a country, a COUNTRY has to lobby this Legislative Branch of our government! There I said it. Perhaps others do lobby, yet I have heard that Israel’s is disproportionately high in numbers. With all these people with their country’s interests as their apparent reason for being here to begin with, you’d think maybe one of the group could provide a laundry list of where our US tax dollars go when they cross the ocean, regularly and seemingly no questions asked.

Is that normal protocol for, let’s call them follow- ups, on the billions we give away each year all around the world?


So, Barack, Sir, Was there an agreement reached a long time ago, that declared our country friends of Israel?. I am fairly sure the US also at such time spoke out against, and rightly so, attacks on Israel proper. One such as myself, not a scholar of all the juggling having gone on in the Middle East over the last 60 years.

OIL and access to same seems to be the brass ring everyone without it, covets so. Did you ever do that imagination thing and think what the Middle East, Iraq, Iran et al would be today without the common denominator of the black gold? Woah! Pretty cool, don’t you think?Well, not the case, so in a nutshell, “What,oh funny....you say ‘too late’ haha”


If the US continues to support Israel, then it must support them, supposedly, with military aide if they ever ask. Right? Thought so.

I am seeing Israel as having an uncomfortably strong ,and one sided advantage over us. Why? Because as time has passed, I see them having everything to gain from our support, and we mostly simply have more to lose.


 If Israel was standing alone, so to speak, it’s own country, without us as a Big Brother of sorts, wouldn’t they be far more likely to work on compromise, cooperation and a future for the Middle East? They are, after all, surrounded by peoples who aren’t in agreement with them, are greatly outnumbered by them and are frankly really mad.

There are horrific terrorists in the region and the world. But the US isn’t solving that any time soon. Better Israel work on it as they are directly in “it”.


Some of their enemies are the most evil kind of humans living. Yet, Israel has been known to commit some horrendous acts of their own. I am suggesting  the USA be available as arbitrators , back off on committing to deeper responsibilities anywhere on the globe now. 


It all has to gradually be re-drawn. Barack help us draw a workable and livable world, please.



My Autograph, my pleasure

Donna CA

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Hi Donna,

Great post! I think you're right about Bin Laden--bastard could be anywhere. However, I don't protest the idea of doing some work--constructive work, that is--on Afghanistan. Which was, as you point out, unfinished business. The Taliban are an ugly bunch of bastards even without Bin Laden, and driving them out might help Afghanistan get back on its feet and reconstruct. And a show of good faith and true effort to help on our parts, might go a long way to winning hearts and minds over there, if it's indeed still possible.

Nodding on the unconditional support for Israel question. I don't say we should abandon them, but I definitely second the motion to hold them a LOT more accountable from now on. I do not believe any country on Earth is or should be immune from justified criticism when they screw up. And I most definitely put the U.S. in that category! On the other hand, I acknowledge Israel's need and right to defend itself.

On a more personal note, if you click on my avatar in the right hand column above, it should take you to my lobby Obama blog entry. I don't know why it didn't work when I emailed you, but electronics are inexplicable, now and then. Or you can try this link, again.