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JUNE 22, 2011 1:21AM

Flying Reindeer ..Red Nose Included, IN JUNE????

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 I have a most remarkable Husband.  Several years ago, at 60ish, he and a fellow horse racing friend decided to buy a page of those round, one inch wide stickers, RED STICKERS.  The purpose? They felt it their duty to liven up Christmas time in our large mid-west city. They achieved this by obtaining  1/2 dozen small red stickers and placing one each on the tip of the noses of  6 of the "dancing" deer crossing warning signs in our area, (No arrests were made) It was gloriously juvenile and wonderful.


Three months ago he broke his hip. And has had several "small strokes called TIAs". Without bearing on that subject at length, suffice to say that life turned upside down and inside out for us. Then today we got more bad news to deal with. Whatever........

Anyway,as I was routinely coming home late tonight, just as I have been doing for months, what did I see???

RUDOLF  THE RED NOSED REINDEER, right there, as I exited the freeway. Can't believe I've missed it all this time, But it was a most welcomed moment, memory and a break in the frenzy.

Thanks, Honey. 



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