AUGUST 2, 2010 5:23PM

I'll See Your $51.8 Million And Raise You......

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I must be too simple to parse this properly in my head.  The national debt in the US exceeds $13 trillion dollars.  Too many damn zeroes to type without getting fatigued.  Unemployment is at 9.5% nationally with no signs of immediate improvement.  Foreclosures continue, as more and more folks find themselves between a rock and pit of burning lava.

So why does this bother me?  I’m employed for now, with a reasonable expectation of keeping my job.  I am making ends meet, so long as nobody goes and moves the ends on me.  In short, I’m in better shape than many people I know.

Here’s why it bothers me.  First, President Obama has been an extreme disappointment for me.  I voted for him in 2008; hell, I didn’t really see a choice.  The Republicans killed any chance they had of keeping the White House by hooking John McCain up with Sarah Palin.  The other parties (WHAT other parties?  Checking the candidates put forth and the publicity those other parties generated, they may as well not even have BEEN on the ballot) weren’t serious contenders.  Which is a shame, because if I had more information (and BETTER information) on these candidates, I might have voted way outside the party lines.

But for me, Obama’s message of change was a welcome breeze, a breath of fresh air.  That lasted all of about a month into his administration.  He’s not instituted a single “change” that he promised on the campaign trail, and with more than half of his first term gone there is no chance that anything significant will be done now.  He’s in all likelihood a one-term president, unless the Republicans blow it again.  I don’t see the Dems presenting a single worthy candidate, and I can promise you that many of my fellow Obama voters will sooner vote for Captain Jack Sparrow in November 2012 than vote for Obama again.

The real part that is stuck in my craw, though, is this:  so far, President Obama and the Democratic party have managed to hold fundraisers for the Dems that have accumulated in excess of $51 million dollars.


Read that again:  so far, President Obama and the Democratic party have managed to hold fundraisers for the Dems that have accumulated in excess of $51 million dollars.


This, at a time when the average American is on the brink of financial ruin.  They are raising money for THE NEXT CAMPAIGN.


Tell you what, guys – you DONATE EVERY DAMN DIME you raise to help provide for your fellow Americans who are now uninsured and destitute thanks to your greed and avarice.  That will go a lot further in getting your asses elected than any commercial you can come up with.

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not a day goes by that you are not assured that the politicians in office are working for you. you believe this. but it's not true.

it's a national lie, emperor's new clothes sort of thing.

they are there because they like being there. they regard themselves as ranchers, taking care of the cattle. some of them become quite sentimental about the cattle, but none, none, risk their career for the sake of the cattle. nor should they: they all believe the other team is even worse.

'representative democracy' is no democracy at all, it's just plutocratic oligarchy with a pleasant name, an early example of doublethink and newspeak.

i still urge americans to get democracy, but i have come to understand that some cultures are incapable of it. when you are bred to serfdom, you think like a serf. stamp your feet and demand the money, all you want. maybe it'll make you feel better.
Gee, al, wassa matter? Did they forget to tell you it takes MONTHS to get the meds balanced correctly?

Let me see, you've made exactly ONE post to date on this website, and we can't even tell for sure if you are a U.S. citizen or not. I'm guessing not, because of your statement "i still urge americans to get democracy, but i have come to understand that some cultures are incapable of it. "

So, I'll ask you which government currently in existence is better than our 'representative democracy'?

Here's a hint: currently, there isn't one. But you go ahead and beat yourself bloody trying to convince me there is one.

I've lived here all my life, al, and I have pretty damn good grasp of who runs the country. It isn't the executive branch, to be sure. The power always follows the money, and they don't have it. Doesn't mean I can't take our "elected officials" to task for not "doing their jobs" every chance I get, though. After all, this is America and I get to whine and bitch all I want. After all, I'm a "constituent".

Americans know that there is still a chance to effect change from within. That's why we're all still here, and we haven't resorted to armed insurrection yet. Democracy is a dream worth saving.

If by chance I'm wrong, and you ARE a citizen, then that begs the question "why are you still living in a place you despise?".

Either way, this oughta be fun.
If Obama's message of "change" was a "welcome breeze....... a breath of fresh air", I wonder where the hell you were for all previous elections. Shit man, there's always one candidate/party blathering on about "change". I'm 72 and I can almost write the speeches each party will use in the next election. And that's for both my Canada and the US. We follow 'Merikan elections pretty closely 'cause we're the tail on the 'Merikan dog, economically speaking. Whither thou goest......etc.

I wish I had a dollar in my pension for every time I've heard that word used by politicians. Even Moe, down at the barber shop, with his grade 2 education and an IQ that matches his belt size can tell you, "It don' means nuffin'."