JUNE 27, 2011 9:58AM

What Happened To The "Open" Part?

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Hey people –

You all are scurrying like cannibalistic insects to take sides in this manufactured “dust-up” about Linda Seccaspina and tr_ig.  Half are calling for tr_ig’s head and the other half are patting him on the back.

I’m not going to do either, because frankly I don’t give a fuck one way or the other.  tr_ig is who he is, and he did something that apparently isn’t considered appropriate on Open Salon – he said what was on his mind, which apparently is a big fat fucking no-no.

Or is it?  What the hell happened to the “Open” part of “Open Salon”?  Sorry, but if you people can’t take criticism, constructive or otherwise, then you’d best take your DSL modem (or your cable modem or whatever you’re using to connect to the horrible wild west of the internet) out in the backyard and burn the fucker.

I’ve seen people call the president of the U.S. a terrorist and worse here.  Hell, I can call him a dumbass if I want to.  So what the hell makes the rest of you so special that you can’t be referred to negatively?  When I was a kid and the other kids teased me and called me names, my mother told me I’d better get used to it.  Not because it was true but because, in her own words, “not everyone is going to like you and you can worry and fret about it if you want to but that won’t change a thing.”

Linda posts blogs here, she reads and rates and comments on other people’s blogs.  Maybe at an alarming rate, who the hell knows.  Apparently she has time on her hands and I could care less.  So it is ok for some people to say how adorable and cuddly Linda is, what a fabulous writer and friend she is.

But God help you if you have a different opinion.

For those of you who are still operating under the delusion that this place is a “writer’s site”, let me attempt once more to educate you – it isn’t and given the current spate of bullshit artists on here it won’t ever be. 

There are those here who are talented and should probably * be * getting paid for writing, to be sure – but they are in the very small minority.  Most of what passes for “writing” here is either bullshit that my fourth grade English teacher would have put a blazing red “F” on or it is simply regurgitated crap from the AP wire (which, btw, I’ve usually read already).

There are so many things I could say about playing the "victim" card, and you all know how much that gets used around this place.  It's as bad as using the "race" card or the "gay" card - I know I am fucking sick of seeing it continuously, so just stop. You're not a "victim" because someone doesn't like you or something you wrote - grow the fuck up.

So, if you’re piling on tr_ig because he said something unkind about someone else, you may as well get used to it.  Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one and if you can’t accept the fact that not everyone thinks you are the reincarnation of Thoreau then you probably should not be on the internet. 


*  (I missed a word.  tr ig insisted I correct the oversight - the bastard)


**ADDENDUM:  Best damn comment I've read all day:

Monsieur Chariot on Scanner's Post

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Oh, and comments are open because, in the famous words of someone - er - famous, "Those who matter don't mind and those who mind don't matter".
Who gives a flying f---- what you think.

: )

I was going to inform you that I am the reincarnation of Thoreau - but then I remembered Thoreau was an asshole.
Damn you, Harry - I just shot hot coffee out my nose.

Shit. Have to go change my shirt.
"There are those here who are talented and should probably (be) getting paid for writing, to be sure – but they are in the very small minority."

Yeah, a few. I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered Bellweather Vance, to mention one.

As far as me, obviously I'm in agreement with you that not all opinions and comments need to be the warm and fuzzy type. Very often, I'm the class asshole around here for saying things "aloud" that others only speak "behind closed doors."

Such is life. I'll be the punching bag for the good children.
tr ig - you are obviously the reincarnation of my fourth grade English teacher. Hopefully you look different now *shudder*.

Yeah, apparently you can fawn all over someone but you can only call someone else an asshole or a fucktard if you're defending someone you like.

People need thicker skins. Sticks and stones and all that happy crappy.
Witch-hunts are the coming thing in OS because, really, nothing says "social networking" quite like a howling mob. Break out the torches baby!
This place hasn't been "open" since the fuckmuppets published the circle jerk bible of "appropriate" commenting behavior.
I'm sorry, apparently I was confused. I didn't realize that Open Salon was created to give people a forum to talk about people who talk about the people who write about people at Open Salon.
For DH Austin:


From Kerry, apparently at the very beginning. Looks like it hasn't been updated lately, so I guess he still feels the same way.
Ain't there somethin' better to do than worry about what other people think of ya??
Life is a crap shoot and it don't get any better than that.
Farting is a great sign you are still alive...
"Ain't there somethin' better to do than worry about what other people think of ya??"

Tru dat.

The only opinions of me that matter (to me) are those of my closest friends and family. Why should I care what someone I don't even know thinks of me?
@rufkm: there are instructions on appropriate commenting?? seriously?? PM me where to find it. this i gotta see.
"there are instructions on appropriate commenting?? seriously?? "

I kinda let that go by because I don't respond well to authority.

Commenting is open on this site. The blog authors have final say over what comments appear because they have this trusty "delete comment" feature. If you don't like it, you can delete it.

Similarly, there is this "open" posting ability. If you don't like something I wrote, you can write your very own rebuttal. If you don't like something someone said in a comment, you can write your very own rebuttal comment.

How much fairer - more fair - Jesus, what more do you want?
I want a large chunk of dark chocolate and a bottle of good red wine for all the whines passed on in the comments around today.
I should probably add that I have no vested interest in this mudwrestling match. I don't like Linda nor do I dislike Linda - with the exception of her "Goodbye Cruel OS World" post I don't think I've read a single thing she's written. I occasionally read tr ig's posts (sorry big fella) but to be fair I rarely read much of what gets posted here.

I do believe that when it's time to call "bullshit" though, it's time. For Linda, I would only say - people have whatever power over you that you give them. People will think of you what they will - you have no power over that. You DO have power over what your reactions are.

Does that make me a callous asshole? Maybe.

But then again I don't real give a fuck if you think that .
@Tired...there in lies the rub. The fine art of circle jerk commenting is mostly unwritten. As far as I can tell, any supportive comment of 4 words or less followed by some indication you rated (R, Rrrrrrrated, RATED, IRATEDUNOWLOVEME [that last one was a joke sort of]) and some cyber attempt at sexual contact (xox, hugs, etc.) is always safe.

To be successful with this type of comment, you must not give any indication that you've actually read their post. See Thoth's most populist comments for a crash course in saying absolutely nothing, yet gaining the undying support of CJers.

Or better yet, see Robin Sneed's short comments always followed by xox or often, when she is busy lining up her next victim, just xox. No matter how many "good" OSers she grifts and abuses, the CJ club always fawns over her "art," but wisely stays completely silent when she goes off the rails. This allows them not to sully themselves with such unpleasantness and maintain plausible deniability when they flock to her next "art" installation a short week after her last torching of the OS feed.

I hope this helps.

gawd i hate that fucking word.

carry on... or not.
Based on some of the posts and comments I've seen so far, you would think that everyone agrees that the whole "Everyone is a winner" bullshit should be de rigueur.

Everyone is NOT a winner, folks. Some of us are losers. That's the way it goes.

If you can't take a little trash-talking then please, open a blog at WordPress or Blogger where you can moderate comments. Otherwise, stop whining and write something.

Oh, and analogies between leaving a negative comment and smacking your kid around just don't work for me. Children don't have the required self-worth that adults should have. They need to be coddled some.

Some. Y'all are supposed to be adults - hence, you should not NEED coddling anymore. I hope like hell you whiners never try to actually publish anything.

I can see the posts the next day - "I sent this to a publisher and was unfairly rejected - what do YOU think?"

Oh, and here's a WTF? moment for ya:

You folks here just pushed THIS post into the "Top Rated Last 4 Hours" list.

Stop that shit RIGHT NOW. People will expect me to actually write if you keep that up.
One of the goals of appropriate child rearing is teaching the child to self-assess their own worth. Plying them with false praise and "helping" them avoid all life's "tough" lessons usually creates one miserable blight on the planet. (see the American Idol outtake reels for examples of this)

And, in order to equate smacking a child with a critical comment, one must assume the blogger/poster is no more competent than a helpless child. Nice slam.

And guess what, you really can't be anything in life you want to be except happy. And that requires an honest self assessment of who you are.
@quattospeaks--Hallelujah. It's about time someone steps up to the plate and speaks their mind. Thank you so much for taking the time to post this article.
I am of the opinion that every person has the right to expect a modicum of love, gentleness and support from real-world family and friends.

But once we decide to publish, we have entered a much broader arena: an arena which is unstable, unpredictable and uncontrolled. To be sure — I too would like to entire world to exhibit my own level of politesse-as-extreme-sport. My blog is a satire on that kind of entitlement and hyper-privilege. And it's not pretty.

Unfortunately, the world-at-large delivers a wide range of responses to our ideas: everything from adoration, to virulent contempt. Recognizing this fact — and learning how to deal with it — is key to appearing and participating on the public square.

And as I commented on Elijah Rising's terrific recent submission, there is sometimes nothing more flattering than a withering, well-written insult from another artist.
"Unfortunately, the world-at-large delivers a wide range of responses to our ideas: everything from adoration, to virulent contempt. Recognizing this fact — and learning how to deal with it — is key to appearing and participating on the public square. "

If I were wearing a hat, fella, I'd tip it to ya.

That was a bullseye.