MARCH 9, 2012 3:35PM

A Liberal Dose Of Outrage

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OK, let me see if I got this whole thing correct:

David Letterman made some seriously questionable jokes on his show regarding Bristol Palin.  He was called to task on it, and if memory serves me correctly the very next night he apologized on air for his distasteful commentary.  It wasn’t Conservatives and “Non-Liberals” solely complaining, it was a cross-section of America that complained.

Bill Maher, who has his own cable television show (which means he has no advertisers per se so he can pretty much say and do whatever he likes) made distasteful comments about Michelle Bachmann, Laura Ingram and I don’t know who else.  People whined, but nobody actually DID anything about it.

Rush Limbaugh verbally attacks a college student on air about her sex life simply because she spoke about the medicinal benefits of oral contraception (so what exactly does Rush KNOW about her sex life anyway?), is lambasted for it, offers up a paper thin apology (that only reads like an apology to him and maybe his mom) and voices are raised so loudly, and organized so successfully, that advertisers are dropping from his show like Chicago Cubs fans in September.


My acquaintances on the right are screaming bloody murder about liberal double standards because (they say) liberals are not up in arms demanding that Letterman and Maher be taken off the air.

Two things immediately come to mind (and to be clear, I don’t condone what Letterman said or what Maher says):

1) Bill Maher and David Letterman are COMEDIANS.  They, as part of their job, MAKE FUN OF PEOPLE.  ALL KINDS OF PEOPLE.  They are equal opportunity offenders.  They use humor to educate us on the inadequacies of our own understanding of things like racism, misogyny, political polarization, and humanitarianism.  Sometimes, they go too far.  When they do, they get slapped around for it publicly. 


2) Rush Limbaugh is a Political Commentator, NOT a comedian.  His attacks are not meant to enlighten, to poke fun, or to educate.  They are meant to eviscerate and further his own agenda and that of his avowed political party.  Rush not only frequently goes too far, he has tried to move the “too far” line when no one is looking in the hopes that no one will notice it.

So, for my conservative acquaintances, I would say – if you don’t like what Maher says, and you don’t like what Letterman says, why don’t you DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT?

Instead of just whining about the double standard that ALL LIBERALS promote, get off your conservative asses and organize a protest.  Call or write the sponsors. 

You generalize about people you don’t even know.  So I feel safe in making the sweeping generalization that all conservatives are whiny, uneducated assholes.

Feel better now?

*To further clarify, I don’t consider myself to be a true liberal.  I tend to gravitate more towards the center, so I’m not a conservative either.  I guess I’d be a conservative liberal if there was such a thing.

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Bristol Palin had it coming. Who is really Trig's momma?
Talk about a moral double standard. Those people, I swear.

Not familiar with the reasons for the most recent Maher uproar, but as you point out, him and Letterman are comedians. All game is fair, and they do not discriminate.

Rush however does not tickle many funny bones, does he. That was a well placed 'eviscerate' up there^
You said it right! I was sitting down to write a very similar two-point essay. Thank you. Thumb up, Like, Favorited.
It just really burns my ass when I see things like "it's time for all the liberals to stop having a double-standard!". Like these asshats KNOW all the liberals there are to know.

Pisses me off too when they just can't see the damn forest. Besides, last time I checked the whole argument, "But what about so-and-so? THEY SAID IT TOO!" stopped working when I was about five years old.
Sitting on the sofa whining is easier than organizing a protest. I have sat on plenty of sofas, myself, and only observed one protest.

Maybe they count on people like Rush and Hannity to rabble rouse for them.
Conservatives spend a lot of energy trying to draw equivalencies between liberal rhetoric and the kind of egregious vitriol Rightie pundits and politicians spew on a daily basis, but their case just doesn't hold water. Yeah, liberals sometimes say unkind and stupid things, but for modern conservatism in this era of Fox News and fact-free Teabagger hyperbole, hate speech isn't just an occasional aberration; it's their default mode of expression and an accurate reflection of their so-called values.
Feel the same, I am too busy signing petitions, sending money to NOW and protesting the wave of anti woman legislation to give a damn about who hurt who's feelings.
phyllis, I'll bet they do. But then they should STFU about all the shit Rush is catching.

Nana, isn't it rhetoric regardless of which side is spewing it? What I object to mostly is the "No one said anything when Maher and Letterman..." straw-man. People said stuff, one reason why Maher got dropped from his network show and had to go cable; Letterman was getting shit a week after he apologized. And I'd bet both my asses that some of the people bitching were NOT conservatives.

rita, it's good to know there are folks like you out there. Because someone has to do something about these whining asshats before they roll us back a hundred years. I've been doing some of what you're doing too (can't make donations on my shit salary, but I damn sure sign petitions), but I had to take a few minutes out to let off some steam here.

Oh, tr_ig, sorry man - Maher didn't say anything recently as far as I know. I gotta tell you, I was reading some comments online today about ending the Iraq war, and some asshole actually said "Bush ended the war, he set the timeline, Obama is just taking the credit". Never in my life have I so desired someone to be in front of me so I could try to slap some sense into their misguided mis-shapen skull...
Rhetoric, words, verbal communication transmitted far and wide, whichever. My point was that hate speech from the Right isn't just confined to random media asshats but is, rather, part and parcel of the conservative message, and it's laughable when conservatroids try to mask and justify that by claiming the Left is just as *mean* as they are. Limbaugh and his colleagues have always specialized in toxic demagoguery, and who cares, they're circus clowns with nothing of value to contribute to the national discourse and with no actual control of government policy. But if, for example, you've followed the vomitous shit blathered by the candidates at the GOP presidential debates, and the public statements and proposed legislation emanating from Republicans in Congress, it's glaringly obvious that hate has become integral to what mainstream conservatism is.
Oh I don't disagree with you, Nana. They are the epitome of hatred, there is no denying that. I just want to make sure that we recognize the rhetoric on BOTH sides for what it is.

I don't think the left's rhetoric is any better than the right's rhetoric. I think it's about time we disposed of ALL the rhetoric and set about putting this ship to rights again.

Which is why I think it's time for an atheist to be president.
Have you guys ever read the comments at the end of a Yahoo article? I don't want to burst your bubbles but ALL of the commentators are vile and nasty. I think the difference is that the left wants all folks to have equal opportunity to excel and the right just wants to control everything. I have lived with control freak bullies and that is why I lean left. But don't fool yourselves into thinking that all lefties are nice, reasonable people.

Just look at the comments at the end of a Michelle Malkin op-ed on Yahoo for proof of what I say.
Here's her page, take your pick...

I don't like her but no one deserves abuse.
I guess, Phyllis, for me it comes down to contrasting what can without exaggeration be termed a massive, ongoing, orchestrated flood of hate speech, not just from Rightwing pundits but also from conservative members of government and conservatives who want to run our government, against a rather tepid and not very coherent response from the Left. David Letterman and Bill Maher; who the fuck are they? Do they influence public policy? Does Letterman speak for me or for you? Does Maher? No, no, and no, nor do they speak for the current mainstream of liberal/progressive thought - they're just media figures who spout off as media figures will sometimes do. When set against the well-organized, vicious, hate-filled ignorance of GOP tactics and methods these days, it's easy to see the two things aren't equivalent. When Republican presidential candidates elicit cheering and applause from their base for attacking gay people and people of color and people who speak out against our militaristic, jingoistic approach to foreign policy, I find it hard to feel guilty on behalf of progressives for some nasty comments about nasty ol' Michelle Malkin. There's a certain type of liberal who likes to cry mea culpa when the Right says what comes from the Left is just as bad as anything spewed by Rush or Newt or Santorum or every idiot at Fox News, but I ain't going along with it.
And, I know you're weren't saying mea culpa per se, but sort of wea culpa. Still, I gotta disagree.
"When set against the well-organized, vicious, hate-filled ignorance of GOP tactics and methods these days, it's easy to see the two things aren't equivalent. "

DINGDINGDING!!!! We have a winner folks!

I was hoping someone would bring that up.

Yes, Rush the Tush influences public policy and no, Maher and Letterman do not.

I'd also say two wrongs don't make a right, but four rights make a left.
phyllis I can't get that link to work. Friggin' browsers suck, tried Firefox and IE and no joy.

Thanks to the internet, you can now run into thousands of opinionated assholes in record time. Whereas before, to meet that many at once you had to attend the Republican National Convention.
Actually, in the true meaning of American conservatism, the term is conservative liberal. That's funny nowadays, but before Movement Conservatism began, conservatives referred to themselves as liberals. Actually, anything spoken of or argued about within the scope of the Constitution is liberal, considering the Constitution is liberal.
There's enough to get a lot of people Googling.

The best argument against Conservatism is conservatism. What is called conservative today is what conservatives used to call the Right, or right wing, as we know it.

And yes, potty-mouthism is the stock and trade of the Right, as well as absurd conspiracy theories. For example, did you know President Eisenhower was a communist agent under the direction of his brother Milton? This is what the Right was trying to sell in the 50s.
Labels are fun, aren't they?
Agreed, the right has the leaders spewing and the left doesn't. Personally I don't spew, either, unless I know you and thoroughly dislike you. That aside, I just wanted to point out that the 'masses' on the left can be just as nasty.

Sorry about the link. I found it on my phone, but if you Google Malkin and Yahoo you'll find the page.

If I had my way in all of this, emotions would be set aside and logic would rule the day.

Live long and prosper.
I just watched a vid where Hannity interviewed Palin about the current admin, and she said that Obama wants to take us back to "pre-Civil War days".

And I see people actually SUPPORT HER STATEMENTS.

So much for critical thinking in this country. Just give me Survivor and American Idol and a cold Bud and the world can just go to hell - seems to be the reigning attitude, and we're totally fucked if people don't turn off the tube and start using the old grey matter...