MARCH 12, 2012 7:10PM

Bad Robot

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So this morning I read with amazement about the shooting of 16 Afghan civilians by a U.S. Soldier.

The Afghan community is up in arms about this, the Taliban are screaming once more for blood vengeance, and our own President is once again stuck having to try and explain the actions of one of our military personnel.

Personally, I can’t seem to muster much outrage over this.  It seems that it is perfectly OK for Afghan “civilians” to target our military personnel with IEDs, and it is OK for the Taliban to masquerade as Afghan police officers and kill their own people.  But let a single, fed-up soldier shoot a bunch of people and suddenly we’re the great Satan again.

Hey, Afghan people – we didn’t HAVE to be there at all.  You could have cleaned up your own mess and taken care of the Taliban, but you didn’t.  You could have turned over Osama Bin Laden to UN forces, but you didn’t.  Funny, but I never saw a single New Yorker or a single member of the Pentagon or a single family member of the Flight 93 victims get an apology from your country.

So, you want us do something to this soldier?  Sure thing, folks.

Let’s give the guy a medal and bring him home to a parade. 




Now that I’ve got some of you appropriately outraged over my supposed take on this (I'm SURE some of you were actually pumping your fists in the air in agreement - neanderthals), here’s how I really feel.  The hawks in the military are completely to blame for this, for forcing soldiers into re-deployment scenarios that put the most emotional and mental stress imaginable on them, and the defense department is to blame for putting our soldiers in a situation that just smacks of Vietnam all over again.  They see their buddies get atomized by IEDs and they can't really do anything about it because no one can tell the civilians from the terrorists and Jesus help us if we kill the wrong ones.

Accountability.  It’s something we don’t seem to want people to have anymore in this country unless they are poor.  It sure as hell isn’t something we encourage other countries to foster in their own population.  I mean, if you help terrorists then you ARE a terrorist.  Just like if you helped Nazis, you WERE a Nazi.  It’s quid pro quo time, Clarisse.

And for cryin’ out loud, Mr. President, how much more do we have to “invest” in Afghanistan?  They don’t want us there, Karzai’s government isn’t going to hold up no matter what we do, and the people are pissed at having democracy forced on them.  History shows that no occupying force has EVER managed to come out ahead in Afghanistan.  In fact, I'd bet both my asses that the Russians are sitting around drinking vodka and laughing their asses off at our predicament.  Because, see, they've BEEN THERE AND DONE THAT ALREADY.


Get us out of there, keep us out of there, and simply tell them the NEXT time they allow terrorists to germinate in the sands of their land we’ll just carpet bomb them and save time and money.

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GTFO of there. It was nothing more than the gateway to Iraq to begin with. Wanna blame someone? Blame Bush, then blame Cheney more. This shit makes me ill.
My thought was that this guy just got fed up and snapped. How many people have died since the accidental burning of those Korans? And they said he had been to Irag three times prior to going to Afghanistan. My guess is that he just thought WTF, let's give them something to howl about.

What I thought was funny- one of the news commentators this morning was making a big deal out of the town being a mile from base. That would be a 5 minute jog for this guy and not that far at all. That struck me, how this guy in a tie sees a mile as such a big deal and the grunt sees it as a warm up.
Your last line reminds me of the offer made to the Taliban way before 9/11 : We will carpet your streets with gold, or we will carpet them with bombs.
They can't say they weren't warned. They're still arriving in boatloads off our NW coast ten years later. My feeling is that the best thing we can do now is make them welcome.
As for the sargeant, it sounded awfully personal.
You're getting Taliban, Kim? Or just Afghan refugees that have given up the fight?

And yeah, I agree - it sounds like it was damn personal to this grunt. What I don't get it is why the Afghan people got so bent out of shape that they started taking up arms against our troops. Where the hell were they when the Taliban were killing their people? If they had taken up arms against the Taliban then, we probably wouldn't even be there now. I guess the concept of "enemy" is pretty fluid for some people...

Yeah, people - it's PAST time to get out. We didn't learn a damn thing from the Russians. They spent something like twenty years trying to gain a foothold in Afghanistan and all they have to show for it is a bunch of dead soldiers.

Damn, that sounds familiar...
Gotta go get some sleep now.

So 'scuse me, while I shut my eyes.
We get Afghan refugees who never had a fight to fight. They had the misfortune to not be born Pashto.
They commonly pay everything for the overland & shonky boat trek to S Indonesia where they wait years in camps for a place for the rest of their fortune on a dodgy boat that either sinks before it gets to Christmas Island or makes it.
If they make it they're treated as if they are Taliban, incarcerated in desert prisons where after 3 to 5 years they finally lose their will to live.
What I meant by 'welcome.'
We gave more attention to the Bamyan Buddhas than we do to these people.
& oh yes, we're "on it."
Don't you worry about that ...
I wonder how much that flood of refugees would abate if there were no more foreign troops on the ground in Afghanistan.

My bet would be that it wouldn't make a damn bit of difference, as the warlords and the Taliban are (I would think) far worse than any occupying force would be.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. There's a song there, I think.