Rajeev Athale

Rajeev Athale
Indore, India
November 04
Iam a cartoonist.......


JULY 31, 2010 11:41PM

Some of my cartoons

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I am an architect and draw cartoons as a hobby.

I liked the internet from the very beginning but for some reason stayed away from the social side of the net and spent most of my time learning how to make web sites and stuff like that.

I joined a penpal website about one and half year ago and was totally awed by the experience. It was fascinating to see and experience how friendships and relationships developed online. Many people stated on their profiles that they did not want cybersex. As I was almost ignorant about it I searched for cartoons on this topic, there were not many to be found. So I decided to make some.

I am posting some of them here and hope that you like them….






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Very funny! Thanks for the sizing tip, I will try that.
Well talk about synchronicity...my friends daughter just told me that she put up a fake FaceBook person and he already has 1000 friends.
I love cartoons. Fun, clever, irreverent -- bright sparks.
Looks like your time learning how to do things paid off. Great cartoons!
Synchronicity! I am working on a novel about this. I am not kidding.
Perfect, I can now give up in person interaction. I feel suddenly talented and witty too. Hilarious, thanks.
These are funny, Rajeev! I think I'd like to see them in places like the New Yorker :-)