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March 31
Retired Associate Regional Director of Operations and Resources, National Park Service, Alaska; now living at the base of the San Juan mountains in Ridgway, Colorado.


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JULY 16, 2009 5:43AM


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Do you find Flo the Progressive Girl somehow alluring?  You're not alone.  A few weeks ago one of our own OpenSalon guys openly admitted he found her 'Hot'.  What is it that makes so many men want to jump in bed with her?  Is the the Chinese red lipstick, so reminiscent of the 50's?  The flaky eye-batting innocence?  The cutsey self assurance?  Or the five pounds of pancake makeup and batty eyelashes?  So, I wondered, who is this woman??? 

Well....She's Stephanie Courtney, born February 8, 1970...a 38 year old actress and comedienne.  Originally from Stony Point, New York, she now is a member of 'The Groundlings', a comedy and improv theater in Los Angeles.  She and her sister wrote a play, "Hooray for America" and she acted in the 2003 film, "Melvin Goes to Dinner".  But the Progressive ad has given her the giant boot-kick into stardom. 

If you are more curious, Stephanie has her own Facebook page:
And if you look further, 'Flo the Progressive Girl' has her own page, too! 

The white-clad Flo with the astounding red lips and black flashing eyes has spawned a cult following in the blogosphere where hundreds of fans and detractors spew everything from admiration to extreme sexual wildness.  Although she is an annoyance to some, she has awakend the sexual urges of untold numbers of male viewers. As an example, comments like blogger onedef92, on the Corvetteforum:
"Way hot chick but the laugh, voice and diction quality of a muleskinner."

For a sample of her improv, check out "The 99 Cent Store" on YouTube

Rumor has it, her character is so popular Progressive has signed her up for another year!

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For some reason, she always reminded me of Joan Cusak. But after reading this and seeing her photo, she is really beautiful and very interesting! Thanks for the info.
Is this one of your daughters???
This is so much fun. I want to go get out my red lipstick and black mascara!
Plus, it is summer. Time is slow. I just watched Flo and Ahab:
wow, she truly is beautiful without the silly getup. good eye, dude.
Cartouche, yes, Joan Cusak! I love her.

Lorraine: I've only one daughter: tall, blond! Cool thought, though.

Scupper: I'm sure you'd look great in red lipstick! What a concept...and thanks for the Flo and Ahab site.

Cap'n: Yeah, she's a knockout without the Flo look.
You do have a knack for finding the lovely ladies, don't you, Ralphie?
I don't know what Progressive is, but I want to buy whatever it is that they sell!
Ah, Ralph, a man after my own heart. Hot as Stephanie. Hot as Flo.
Yes, she definitely has pazzazz... glad she's getting the recognition she deserves. :)