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Ralph Tingey
Ridgway, Colorado,
March 31
Retired Associate Regional Director of Operations and Resources, National Park Service, Alaska; now living at the base of the San Juan mountains in Ridgway, Colorado.


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NOVEMBER 12, 2011 2:12AM


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Fresh Mexican cuisine is my favorite.  Cafe Rio on 33rd South in Salt Lake City is the consummate fast food bar.  They have all the traditional Mexican dishes: burritos, enchiladas, tostadas, and it's along the lines of many fresh taco restaurants.  You walk in, get in the queue, decide on what you want, start down the line explaining to the server what ingredients you would like on your food.  I ordered some giant enchilada special, with the pulled pork, pinto beans, tomatillo salsa, and fresh cilantro thrown across the top.  All in a little aluminum pie pan.  It takes such a container to hold all the ingredients
The colors of the furniture and walls are as fresh as the food.  I walked across the room, checking out the customers, their choices, the smiles on their faces.  Salt Lake has a large Hispanic population, and they seemed to visit in abundance, a sure sign of authentic border food.  The locals had brought their whole families.  I'm sure it's as cheap as a traditional fast food burger place, but so much healthier. 
I sat down at a rickety table, watched a young couple wolf down their towering tostadas, and dug into my tin of goodies.  I could taste every ingredient, not overly spicy, but full of good, natural flavors.  I'm a cilantro fan, so the big sprigs brought out the flavors of the pork, beans, rice, and salsa.  Cafe Rio is always on my migration route through Salt Lake.

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looks like a great spot and great food. i could eat mexican food every day, i swear. if your migration route takes you farther south, stop at casa de swell for some mean carnitas with plenty of cilantro. :)
Nick, Zanelle, Jane, & Candace,
Thanks for the comments. Looking forward to the Mexican chicken soup. Always looking for good food, so I'll check out Casa de Swell!