Ralph Tingey

Ralph Tingey
Ridgway, Colorado,
March 31
Retired Associate Regional Director of Operations and Resources, National Park Service, Alaska; now living at the base of the San Juan mountains in Ridgway, Colorado.


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DECEMBER 6, 2014 8:50PM



Although I’ve run a lot of rivers it has been many years since I’ve been on one, so it was such a treat for Nori and me to be invited to go with good friends down the Stillwater Canyon on the Green River. Our friends Al and Roze areRead full post »

OCTOBER 10, 2013 8:09PM

Rocky Mountain High: A Family Story

I hadn't done anything significant with my brothers for 40 years, since we all went antelope hunting in Wyoming with our father in 1973.  Our brother Bill was with us then, when we were four, but Bill passed away twenty years ago. We miss him terribly.


I grew up in… Read full post »

JUNE 7, 2013 9:40AM

Restoring the Chestnut Canoe

Twenty years ago my good friend Paul Haertel gave me an old Chestnut canoe, made in Canada.  After many years, Paul and his wife Margo were leaving Alaska.  He had been a role model for me: the first superintendent of the newly created Lake Clark National Park, (likely… Read full post »

MAY 18, 2013 12:28PM

The First Hummingbird

This morning I hung a hummingbird feeder on my porch.  


The house I bought is on the edge of a newer development in Ridgway, a small town, formerly a railroad stop and ranching community.  The original "True Grit" was filmed here.  But my house is just north… Read full post »

MAY 17, 2013 6:30PM

Hiking the La Laguna Ranch

My last full day in Santa Barbara, and Nori had arranged for us to go on a hike with her hiking club, a wonderful group of friends whom she wanted me to meet.  Steven Sharpe, General Director of Opera Santa Barbara had organized the outing and arranged for… Read full post »

MAY 17, 2013 1:44AM

Bicycling and Wine

There are hundreds of fine bicycle tours through California wine country.  Some are organized; some, like ours are spur of the moment, seat of the pants tours.  Nori suggested riding the roads from Solvang to Los Olivos, so we squeezed our bikes into the back of her Volvo… Read full post »

MAY 8, 2013 8:17PM

Daphne Visits Santa Barbara

Nori has a beautiful home in Santa Barbara where she spends the "Mud Months in the spring and fall each year.  I had been invited to visit, and when I mentioned it to my daughter Daphne, she said she would be in Los Angeles the previous few days… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 9, 2012 6:03PM


Having moved from Alaska to Colorado, I had dreamed of longer and more frequent bike rides.  The tiny town of Ridgway, where my new home sits, is an old ranching and mining community of about 800 people.  The town has changed considerably in the past few years, becoming a Mecca for… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 4, 2012 9:36AM

First Time


Having recently moved to Ouray County, Colorado, I stopped in to see my friends Jim and Angela Friday afternoon: “We’re going rock climbing up Taylor Canyon,” Jim said, looking through ‘Gunnison Rock’, the local climbing guidebook.  “Lots of reall
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JULY 10, 2012 11:42AM

The Black Canyon of the Gunnison

Saturday, my friend Nori and I drove out of the rain in Ouray and Ridgway heading for sunnier climes: The Black Canyon of the Gunnison river, just east of Montrose, Colorado, appeared to be warm and sunny.  It was a fine goal.  I flashed my Golden Age Passport… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 27, 2012 12:26PM

Southfork Ice Festival


A view of the cliffs lining the Southfork of the Shoshone River.  Grea...
A view of the cliffs lining the Southfork of the Shoshone River. Great ice: one of several hundred such climbs.
Credit: AKTrad
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FEBRUARY 26, 2012 12:09PM




Since I was a young boy, I have kept a list of the books I've read in a red three-ring binder where the scraps of various kinds of paper, written with a variety of pencils and pens are preserved.  Amazingly, I had… Read full post »
FEBRUARY 24, 2012 2:16AM

Shiprock, 1961



Spring break, March 18-20, 1962 (or was it 1961? I'm getting old) my friends Milt Hokanson,Dave Wood and I loaded my little Jeep and drove from Salt Lake City to Shiprock, NM to climb the famous 1,700-foot high volcanic plug.  I had read Jack Kerouac's "On… Read full post »

DECEMBER 23, 2011 1:34AM

Climbing with the Jacksons

It's a rare treat to climb with Renny Jackson. And even rarer to climb with Catherine. Now, there is a third member: Jane. This October we arranged to meet in Indian Creek, best crack climbing in the world.

Renny and I go… Read full post »

DECEMBER 20, 2011 6:28PM

Chasing the Anasazi through Beef Basin

Mystery attends the Anasazi peoples who lived in the Four Corners area from about 700 AD until they suddenly left in the 1300's AD. Who were they? Why did they leave? Were they killed, or did they migrate? Where did they go and what has… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
DECEMBER 14, 2011 2:50PM

Into the Fiery Furnace

It seemed like a great alternative to dying.  The morning started great.  We drove 50 miles from Indian Creek to climb the Unbalanced Rock in Arches National Park.  After climbing seventy feet up a wide crack without finding  a single spot to place any climbing gear to… Read full post »

DECEMBER 9, 2011 1:30AM

Hamburger Rock Service Project

North Six Shooter, just south of Hamburger Rock Campground

Hamburger Rock, a flat rock perched in the middle of the Indian Creek plain, is a Mecca for climbers, campers, and off-road vehicle enthusiasts. Its dust-bowl campground with the vast panorama of sandstone cliffs and and

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Editor’s Pick
DECEMBER 6, 2011 1:06AM

South Six Shooter

There are two "Six Shooters" in Indian Creek, the North and the South. They dominate the horizon for 30 miles in every direction, making them an irresistible goal for a rock climber.

I was enjoying the morning eating a leisurely breakfast at the campground. A car… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 22, 2011 3:35AM


George and Marthe in the campground

"Ralph, I met this French woman, Marthe, in Yosemite this week; I told her I'd teach her to climb cracks in Indian Creek. She's suppose to be there this weekend, and she'll be looking

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NOVEMBER 19, 2011 4:29AM


Ouray, Colorado, snug in the middle of the San Juan mountains of southwestern Colorado, has become my winter home for the past six years. I migrate down from Anchorage, Alaska, each fall to my friends' home where I store all my winter climbing gear. Ouray, where… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 17, 2011 11:20AM


The candy-apple red bike caught my eye. Thor, Sarah, and I were walking up the street through Truckee, California, to meet Garry and Linda at "Burger Me", our favorite watering hole. Although there are millions of motorcycles, and some very cool ones, I couldn't help… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 16, 2011 1:56AM


"A good pickup is a thing of beauty and a joy forever." John Keats

At one time I drove a pink Cadillac, but it disappeared to the Kidney Foundation. Renting a car for every road trip has cost me a ton of cash. So!/…

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NOVEMBER 15, 2011 12:35PM


In the mid-1950's my uncle, Bill Hurst, whom we called "Dee" by his middle initial to distinguish him from his father, grandfather, and son, was a forest ranger on the east side of the Uintah Mountains of eastern Utah.  I and my sister Judy spent part of those/…

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NOVEMBER 12, 2011 2:12AM


Fresh Mexican cuisine is my favorite.  Cafe Rio on 33rd South in Salt Lake City is the consummate fast food bar.  They have all the traditional Mexican dishes: burritos, enchiladas, tostadas, and it's along the lines of many fresh taco restaurants.  You walk in, get in the/…

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NOVEMBER 10, 2011 11:07AM


Pete and Connie are the coolest folks. Pete is a gentleman, scholar, father, husband, author, mountaineer, and was the senior Jenny Lake Ranger when I first worked in the Tetons. Connie comes from an old Jackson Hole family and worked for the/…

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