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JUNE 5, 2008 10:07AM

Why McCain Will Win

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The main reason why McCain will win is that for the Republicans losing is not an option and they will do whatever is necessary to keep the White House, including:

1) Dirty tricks - if you can think of it, the McCain campaign will use it. The race card, outright lies or just about anything and everything else.

2) Fear - raised terrorist alerts, national security issues, lack of military experience. The past Presidential elections have been won by the Republican party using fear as a weapon, so why stop now.

3) Because the American voting public is just plain stupid and they have shown time and again that they will vote against their own best interests if the campaign ad is clever enough.

As for Florida, Florida has been under Republican control for so long that even if Obama wins the general vote by a wide margin the chances are that he will not get the electoral votes. See "dirty tricks" above.

Besides putting on an interesting primary race, what else have the Democrats done during the eight years of Bush's presidency to ensure the American people that they care one iota about the health and well being of the American public?

The short answer: NADA!

Did they impeach Bush for lying to the Congress and the American public about the weapons of mass destructions? NO

Did they enact legislation which might helped to prevent the current financial crisis? NO and not only that, they willingly went along for the ride.

Have they addressed, as a unified party, any of the hundreds of issues which have an adverse impact on the average American, such as rising health care costs, rising college costs, rising energy costs? Once again a big NO.

And now the Democrats are going to point to the Republicans and say "Don't vote for them, they don't care about you." Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

And speaking of color, color me disillusioned.

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The Democrats have had the ability to "do something" for about 14 months now, give or take. What they have done, is slowly apply the brakes on the rate of Republican damage. Change takes time. It's totally unrealistic to have expected them to wave a magic wand in January of 2007 and erase 6 years of disastrous Bush policies over night. It doesn't work that way. That being said, I'm disappointed, too, but still hopeful for the future. If I wasn't, I'd either have to leave the country forever, or kill myself, and I don't find either of those options to be very attractive.
I understand what you're saying, however, where were the Democrats back in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006? Oh that's right, they were busy lining their pockets with our tax dollars. How could I have possibly forgotten?

By the way, I was so fed up with the US that I did leave the country. I have been living in the Netherlands since August 2007 but I will returning to the US on the cusp of the election in October 2008.

For the record, most Europeans I've spoken with can't believe that the people of the US have allowed a man like George W. Bush to remain President in light of all the damage that he has done.

I believe that another word(s) for "stupid" is "cannon fodder"
1) Dirty tricks - They better be more clever than they have been so far because they don't have Karl Rove anymore, Lee Atwater is dead. We'll see soon if they still have the mojo.

2) Fear - Raised terrorist alerts? Forget about it. They went to the well once too often on that one. National security issues, lack of military experience? Old McCain is so befuddled he needs Lindsey Graham and Joe Lieberman at his side every day to explain who the players are in the Middle East. As for military experience, what military leadership experience does John McCain really have? He never led as much as a rifle squad, let alone an entire military force. He flew a bomber, dropped bombs on people, got shot down and spent six years picking his toes in a prison cell. Rough? Yes. But quite frankly, no leadership experience at all. To me, a combat veteran, his "experience" ain't shit.

3) American lack of interest beyond the superficial and voting against their own best interests if the campaign ad is clever enough. No dice. The breathtaking decline in their standard of living occurring as we speak, is overriding their religious superstitions, their racial prejudice and their knee-jerk flag waving patriotism. They are pinched in every way. Their discretionary income is now absorbed at the gas pump. Travel by any means is quickly becoming out of reach. Because of the price of diesel fuel for long haul trucks, they can't even afford the same shopping basket of groceries they took for granted last year at this time. In short, they are pissed off.

4) Election fraud. Voting machines and polling place shenanigans. Not as easy this time. Too many eyes watching the system this time around.

5) What have the Democrats done in the last eight years of the Bush presidency to ensure the American people that they care one iota about the health and well being of the American public? I don't know about "ensure" because that's pretty nebulous. But one major accomplishment has been to defeat Republican candidates in state and local elections all across the country in red states and to take back the Congress. While it's easy to shit all over that and say they've done nothing, at least they are not the back-benchers they used to be.

The only thing that could kill the Democrats this year is the Democrats themselves. If they can't reconcile their differences and get behind the nominee, ralphp, you may well see President McCain for another four fucking years of rapacious corporatism, a widening gap between rich and poor and the loss of any of the few liberties we still clutch in our grasping fingers.

A very nice rebuttal but I disagree with the no Karl Rove statement. He's there alright and appears on Fox News to help with their fair and balanced reporting.

And I don't think that we've seen the last of the Republican dirty tricks since as I keep on repeating, losing is NOT an option and the Republicans will do whatever is necessary to keep the White House (and the never ending gravy train that comes with it). I refuse to put anything, no matter how outrageous, past them and so I shutter to even think about what might and is going to happen.
"Voting against their own best interests."

What a great phrase. To me, it sounds like you're saying: "Worrying their little noggins and not obeying superior people who know better."

Quit telling people what is in their best interests. Ask them. Ask what is important, don't tell them what their supposed to think is important. You don't live their lives. Listen.
I am listening. I'm hearing the gurgle of desperate Republicans grasping at straws as they sink beneath the waves. It's a delightful sound. It's one I've been waiting to hear for eight years. I would like to take the tip of my spinnaker pole and push their little heads under, one by one as their whole life passes before their dimming eyes.

Fuck 'em!
Now, now J.D. play nice.

I understand your rage and frustration but we must try to contain ourselves. I could have written about some of the dirty tricks I think the Republicans might actually use but I know that I would not be taken seriously, regardless of how strongly I felt. You started off really good with "I am listening. I'm hearing the gurgle of desperate Republicans grasping at straws as they sink beneath the waves. It's a delightful sound. It's one I've been waiting to hear for eight years." But then you kind lost it with: "I would like to take the tip of my spinnaker pole and push their little heads under, one by one as their whole life passes before their dimming eyes."

Although it can difficult at times, it is important to remember to try and keep things from getting out of hand. Now if I could only find a way to follow my own instructions.
Yes, voting against their best interests.

You tell me how it is in your typical middle class working person's interest to vote for a party that lowers taxes on sit on your ass income (dividends and capital gains) and lowers taxes on AGI over $350K for single filers while increasing the burden on the middle class.

They say, well, democrats will increase my taxes.

No, they won't. Not unless you've got over $350K in AGI and most of the people saying democrats will increase their taxes do not.

And Stellaa, you nailed it. I have the day off today and spent a few hours listening to the gloating of the Obamaniacs on the Stephanie Miller show. You're calling me stupid for supporting Clinton?

Do you people not realize that you NEED my vote come November? And you're going to call me stupid and say if I even consider voting for McCain I'm not worthy of a President Obama?

Yeah, that's really getting away from the politics of divisiveness and polarization, huh? Telling people in your own party who thought it through and decided that Hillary Clinton was the better candidate they're stupid.

But you know what, it does represent change.

Even Karl Rove didn't call people who supported McCain in 2000 stupid.
For eight long years I've taken the mocking, the woo hoo, we win, you lose, the "Defeatocrats" and the "Surrender Monkeys" and the other slurs.

I'm sorry, but I'm not gracious as the Republicans finally retreat in utter failure from the halls of power. They damaged this country of mine in body and spirit. They should go to prison, but they won't. They won't have to pay for any of the stuff they did.

I'm not going to harm any of them. But I wouldn't even piss on them if they were on fire. I reiterate: Fuck 'em.
OK, J.D. What else is important to you other than killing me?

By the way, it would be smarter to use a nice long boat hook. It's easier to wield and not as expensive. Your costs could really get out of hand if you lose many spinnaker poles to our clutching hands.

Alternatively, drop the anchor on us and wait. Enjoy a beer or glass of wine as the bubbles from below trickle out. Then just winch the chain back in and shake us off like so much mud.
J.D., not so fast, please. Like the man said "It ain't over until the fat lady sings". Prepare for the worst and hope and work for the best.
Spinnaker pole has a much more to do with my taste in watercraft -- as in the E Scow I used to crew aboard. Boat hook conjures power boats with their stinking gasoline exhaust.

I said I'm not out to kill you Tyler. I just want Republicans in general to have to eat some of the shit we've had to eat over the last eight years.

I'll grant you, I never realized how much Republicans hated the Bill Clinton years. It must have been horrible to be out of power, watching the Clinton's running roughshod over Republican sensibilities. I even knew a guy down in Clearwater, Fla., who painted a mural of the Clintons on the outside of his garage door. Bill with devil horns and Hillary looking like the ugliest streetwalker this side of hell. His blood pressure finally actually killed him in 1999. I think his hatred of the Clintons was what finally put him under.

I'm not going to hate like that in return. But as in the words of the Dixie Chicks, "I'm not ready to make nice."
Umm, we've dining at the same turd buffet. If you want an administration that serves up shit to your opposition, then you gotta consider your own preference. Creamy or chunky? You'll be eating it too. I thought the goal was getting an administration that fixes things - regardless of label.