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MARCH 18, 2012 9:08PM

45 Years Ago Today

45 years ago today I got married. Just before my father walked me across Barbara Simon’s living room to the waiting pastor, my father asked me if I knew what I was doing? I looked him straight in the eye and said, “Yes.”

I was 20 years old, and I… Read full post »

JANUARY 21, 2012 7:33PM

Mallomars and Pinwheels

The day after New Years, I was planning to have two friends over for a lunch to celibate the new year. So on New Years Day, I was going up and down the aisle of my favorite grocery store, list in hand, getting the items for my lunch menu.… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 18, 2011 4:15PM

Ode to the San Marzano Tomato

I have been making the same spaghetti recipe since 1963 when I made it for Larry, my  first real boyfriend. Though my parents made spaghetti, theirs was a hit and miss operation. I needed a foolproof recipe that included the most sophisticated of ingredients: wine. I found what I was looking… Read full post »

AUGUST 27, 2011 5:02PM

The Bread Bowl

Recently I decided to bake bread. Not in bread machine but the old way, in a bowl for mixing, kneading and rising. I wanted to do something slow that took patience and time. The very opposite of my life these days. The last time I baked bread was 37 year ago,… Read full post »

JULY 23, 2011 3:18AM


Today was filled with both the bitter and the sweet. Two endings today. This morning I had to put down the second of my three seal point Siamese cats. I knew the signs very well: the weight loss, the lack of appetite, sleeping all day.  Beansie was a tiny but feisty… Read full post »

JUNE 12, 2011 3:02PM


Two weeks ago I was up in Portland, Oregon visiting an old friend. My friend has a chubby, gray stripped cat named Shiva. Shiva is part Siamese and as a result is Mr. Personality. Since I am a cat lover generally and have a particular affinity for Siamese cats (I amRead full post »

MAY 7, 2011 6:54PM

The Fisherman & the Genie

In the weeks following the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, elevated levels of radiation were found in milk as far away from  the Fukushima nuclear power plant as Vermont .

As I listened to newscasts and watched those doom Japanese power plan workers trying keep the cooling rod temperatures dow… Read full post »

APRIL 13, 2011 4:02AM


I can't believe two months have past since I last blogged. I've been away but not on a vacation.  Rather every weekend for the last month I've been working in the garage once again digging my way through boxes that contain the accumulation of 40+ years of accumulating.  I have now… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 6, 2011 3:25PM

Priorities - My Day Off

Driving to my friend M’s house on Friday night for dinner and a movie, a list of weekend to-dos swarmed in my head like buzzing bees.

Since the beginning of January work had been frenetic -eighteen hour days, which included weekends. Finally, on Friday afternoon, my team and IRead full post »

JANUARY 29, 2011 3:33PM

Let Go Move On

I knew this day would come.  Last week my daughter asked me when I would get the rest of my stuff out of her garage. She wants to convert the garage into an art studio. This is not an unreasonable request.  It’s been two and half years since I sold her… Read full post »

My friends and I who are of a certain age are losing teeth. Oddly enough the same teeth, back molars and premolars next to the canines. Two of my friends had these teeth removed late last year. Now it was my turn.

Let’s get something straight right off the… Read full post »

DECEMBER 22, 2010 8:08PM

The Tattooed Woman - A Christmas Story

Today, with a shopping bag of packages hanging off my arm, I shoved open the door of our local UPS store with my shoulder since my hands were filled with a large box that was on the way to a friend in Portland.  Miraculously there were only three people in front… Read full post »

This wasn’t what I planned to write this week, but  an article by Jeff Truesdell in People Magazine hit me hard. It was an article about the American Widow Project (americanwidowproject.org). This is an organization founded by a young military widow, Taryn Davis, who is 21 years old. She f… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 26, 2010 4:40PM

Unexpected Thanksgiving

  For the last 25 plus years I’ve cooked Thanksgiving dinner. Usually it’s for about 8-12 people.  Last year, it was just my daughter, my grandson and granddaughter.  Instead of turkey which no one is particularly in love with, I made a roast. “Where’s the bird?/… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 7, 2010 2:04PM

Sarah Palin, Reality Star

Well, imagine my excitement when I opened People Magazine and saw the ad for Sarah Palin’s Alaska, a new 8 week reality show staring Sarah and her whole family.

Apparently, we will get the intimate portrait of Sarah’s exciting everyday life in Wasilla, Alaska.

Since Sarah appears to hav… Read full post »

OCTOBER 31, 2010 5:09PM

The 5th Oldest Profession*

I manage a technical writing group.  Cubicles and offices are filled with writers all typing away.  Though the technology has changed, this is an ancient profession. I wonder if the Pharaoh’s scribes toiled at individual wooden tables transcribing the rules of government onto papyrus… Read full post »

OCTOBER 23, 2010 3:35AM

Lagoon Life

I finally figured out how to upload pictures. So I thought I'd share some of the lagoon and the bay. 
Lagoon Spring 
Lagoon Spring 
San Francisco across the Bay 
Lagoon Morning 
 Lagoon Morning
OCTOBER 3, 2010 3:27PM

10 Things I like about Autumn

Autumn is my favorite time of year. As I sat having my morning cup of tea I asked myself what the top ten things were that I like about autumn.  Here’s my list in no particular order.  Please add to it. I’d be curious what your favorites are.

1.  Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 27, 2010 2:37PM

Watching the Pelican Fish

This morning I am moving slowly, not dashing to my to-do list to see what I should be accomplishing today. This struck me as odd since the list is everything I wanted to get done while I’m on vacation. This is the start of my second week off .

I… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 21, 2010 12:45AM

Lady Gaga Gives Me Hope!

Lady Gaga gives me hope for this younger generation and for the country.  She said it all.

She said what our president should say, that freedom from discrimination as promised in the constitution is a right for everyone one.   Not just for heterosexuals, or “right thinking&rdqu… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 5, 2010 9:55PM

Saturday Tea

Saturday was one of those days where I didn’t plan to do what I ended up doing.  The catalyst was tea. Or more precisely because I was nearly out of tea.  Not just any tea but a special English tea that I can only get either on Amazon or at a… Read full post »

My friend L called up last week and asked if I wanted to go shopping with her at IKEA on Saturday.  For those of you who don’t know about IKEA, it is giant store that handles EVERYTHING for furnishing an apartment or home CHEAP. We’d been talking about doing this for… Read full post »

AUGUST 8, 2010 3:38PM

The Light Box Table

The short thin man, with long wiry blonde hair and beard leaned into my teller window at the bank where I worked and smiled, his deep blue eyes coolly appraising me. His clothes were paint spattered and he smelled of linseed oil and turpentine. The scent was familiar; my mother hadRead full post »

AUGUST 1, 2010 6:16PM

Losing One's Mind

A was the smartest girl in our class in high school. Thanks to her, I got through geometry. Patiently, she coached me through lunch hours, study halls, and after school study sessions on geometric problems that made absolutely no sense to me (I have yet to use the calculations I finally… Read full post »

JULY 26, 2010 4:40AM

Happy 100, Dad!!!

My dad would have been 100 years old today.  Last winter, my grandson, who is named for my father, as is his mother (my daughter), said we should celebrate his 100th birthday. 

So last week, I called a florist in Richland Center,Wisconsin and ordered sunflowers to be put on… Read full post »