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Ray Williams
Vancouver, Canada
July 16
Ray Williams Associates
Ray Williams is President of Ray Williams Associates, a company located in Vancouver, Canada, providing leadership training, personal growth and executive coaching services

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Many Facebook users spend considerable time and energy collecting hundreds of virtual friends, and posting updates with the intention of increasing positive relationships, raising their self-esteem or living a happier life. At the same time, several studies have shown there can be negative impacts on… Read full post »

As a leadership trainer and executive coach, I’ve talked to scores of experienced executives and managers about their careers over the two decades. They’ve shared their innermost fears, secrets and hopes for the future with me. A constant theme for both high-performing and high-potentialRead full post »

Marketing products and services to consumers is undergoing a revolution to an on-demand culture. And if your business or organization is not currently becoming 100% oriented to satisfy your customers, it is at risk for survival. Technological advances must be seamlessly integrated with brand experienRead full post »

The grass may not be greener on the other side, a new study from the University of Leicester has found. Economic migrants traveling to different shores for greater income or happiness could be set for disappointment--because the pursuit of wealth does not equate to happiness.

Sociologist David Bartra… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 7, 2010 9:05AM

Why "serving" is the new selling

The economic downturn has caused business not just to retool their market strategies, but also to fundamentally rethink the existing business model.

 To survive in the current business environment, enterprises must do something radical. It’s not enough to be agile and flexible, respondingRead full post »

AUGUST 31, 2010 3:29PM

Is it time to "scrap" management?

Today's modern organization is vastly different than the one created by the industrial revolution, which required managers. But times have changed. Maybe it's time to scrap managers all together.

In this article, I'm referring to managers interchangeably with executives. In an article in the Wall StRead full post »

AUGUST 29, 2010 2:58PM

Look out: Here comes "desk rage."

Workers losing their tempers and yelling? Or worse, throwing something or damaging equipment, committing physical violence and even murder?Does this describe the modern workplace? Has “desk rage” joined the ranks of road rage and air rage?

In a workplace survey, Integra Realty Resources… Read full post »