APRIL 21, 2012 10:26PM

Interview with Ramsey Clark

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Although it was posted in early March, I just encountered this video today. This is a roughly 12 minute interview with Ramsey Clark, who was U.S. Attorney General in 1967-1969. Clark is getting quite elderly by now, as you can imagine, and he speaks as most old men do, with frequent pauses for thought, but his mind is still razor-sharp, that's obvious.

This is one of those rare interviews in which someone prominent, or formerly-prominent, tells some very blunt truths. I don't agree with what he says about the Occupy movement at the very end, but other than that, he's pretty much right on the money with all his answers, though a bit more restrained than I would be.

(Open Salon readers can watch the video here)

RT, in their usual fashion, has hung a questionable title on the video, but trust me, this is the Ramsey Clark interview. Do recall, dear reader, that this is a government-owned news organization, and keep your salt shaker handy. All that said, the interview is well worth watching.

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Thanks for this, RedPossum. It was nice to see my old friend, Mr. Clark
bing interviewed. In '91 I was a volunteer researcher for his book: "War Crimes: A Report on U.S. War Crimes Against Iraq."

He seems largely unchanged since then. The only thing that surprised me was the restraint he showed in evaluating obama's record.

Perhaps to that extent he IS showing his age. The Ramsey I knew would have excoriated and eviscerated obama much as I do.