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May 07
I'm the old-fashioned type. I like to cook dinner for my family and bake cookies for my kids so they have a homemade treat when they come home from school. I don't like t.v. or wii. I like doing things in real time. I like campfires and coffee with half and half and sugar, one cup in the morning, and tea at 4 with milk and sugar. Did I mention I like routine? I really do. I'm sometimes selfish and mean, but mostly I'm very, very nice. I like to read my kids a story when they come home from school. I always sing them a bedtime song. I hope that never ends, but realistically, it probably will one day. I like to walk. I like lots of quiet time. I like to read books that I can hold in my hands and turn the pages. And when I really have something to say, I like to write about it. One more thing: we're in the Foreign Service and move a lot. There's a lot to say about that, believe me.


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JANUARY 7, 2011 8:20AM

Last Night's Dinner Conversation. A Short Play in One Act

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Characters:  Mom, Dad, Five-year-old, Six-year-old

Setting:  Dinner Table

Five y.o.:  Mommy, will you marry me? (Head in mom's lap, muffled tone.)

Mom:  I'm already married.

Dad:  Did he just ask you to marry him?

Mom:  Yeah.  Pass the salt, please.

Dad:  I was about his age when I asked my mom to marry me.

Six y.o.:  (To Dad) Because she was so cute?  

Dad:  Noooo.  She was a biggun.  She was -

Mom:  Be careful here.

Dad:  What?!  She was fat.

Mom:  She was big.

Dad:  No, she was obese.  Right up until the day she died.

Six y.o.:  Did she have a disease?

Mom:  Yes.  She had diabetes.

Five y.o.:  Awwww.  Poor little fat mama.

Dad:  Um - can I get a little empathy here?

End Scene



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Cue laugh track for the sitcom Regular Regina. Love it.
Thank you, Surazeus! Glad to know I wasn't the only one who found that funny!