NOVEMBER 11, 2011 12:57PM

An Angel Cried at Normandy

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After watching a History Channel show about The Battle of Normandy years ago, I painted this. It's The Angel of Death sitting on the hill above the beach at Normandy in 1944, waiting for Allied forces to land. In its hand is a scroll with the names of the men who will die.

This was one of those events in history that seemed pre-destined. But at the moment of landing, I wonder if the soldiers knew it. They probably did, and fought bravely to end a terrible war.

 Thank you Veterans for your service.

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Thank you. That was my Uncle coming in there on a boat. He died right away and we visited his grave there when I was a teen. My mom misses him still as he was her twin. Absolutely perfect painting to post today. Thank you.
zanelle- your poor mom, to lose her twin. That makes me sick... it's sort of like she lost a part of her soul. I honor him and your family for your sacrifice. We all should.
Can you imagine maureen??? That you know your fate is imminent yet you carry on?
Wow.. and this painting of yours says it all.
and god bless you for doing this.
I was fortunate to be able to visit the American Cemetery at Normandy a couple of years ago. I say fortunate, for while I wept like a baby during most of that visit, it gave me a glimpse of just what a price was paid to give me the right to speak my mind freely -- if not always wisely.
Maureen: It's a beautiful painting, yet a chilling subject. The grim anticipation on the face of the angel of death is arresting.
PS Are you by any chance kin to Alan Andrade? Look him up, he's written a book about the tragedy of the troop ship Leopoldville. My uncle died in that tragedy, along with 800 other soldiers, on Christmas Eve, 1944.
I am a follower of your blog.
Great painting, the look on the face of the angel is striking and haunting. I echo your thanks to our veterans.
Maureen, Probably a chorus of angels wept, I suspect. Through few words and a powerful painting, you speak volumes here.
Beautifully sad painting. Many valiant men lost their lives that day. We are still losing them.
I walked one day in Normandy alongside so many veterans. There were tears that day as well - tears you could not take away ... tears you could only watch ... and honour as they fell.
Beautiful and haunting. I think the angels still weep.
Beautiful - thank you for sharing Maureen.
How many tears were shed on that beach that day, and how many tears have been shed since, every time someone looks upon that cemetery by the sea?

A stunning work, both the painting and the thoughts behind it.
Thank You. I agree with Jeff Maehre.
This is great. I sense the sentiments.
You'd be fun to ponder with. Bless.
I gotta get. I pondered all day.
Sure ... Some tears flowed too.
To shed tears ... No be bitter.
There is also a sweet lightness.
It's beyond words. Be peaceful.
Thank You.
A fine painting: it says it all, beautifully. What a nice tribute; best of all, you made it. R
Haven't been to Juno Beach in Normandy, where the Canadians landed June 6, but I can certainly identify with what you painted: Because I have been to Dieppe and seen the graves of those who died that terrible day in August 1942. No less moving, believe me.
The angels, if there are any, have been crying for centuries over the enthusiasm of humans for murdering each other with one idiotic excuse or another. It's about time they started crying over the murdering going on today all over the world for the vicious economics that enables it. Isn't it time for angels to get a bit pissed off and do something effective?
I've wondered if the poor animals packed in the truck on the way to the slaughter house, might feel exactly the same way! Beautiful painting M.
Powerful post and image
I’m certain heaven wept that day
I have nothing to add, in silent respect.
What a beautiful painting and lovely story behind your inspiration for it :)
Love the painting and your prose too.