MARCH 22, 2012 7:10PM

Hoodies of Solidarity

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When I saw Trayvon Martin's parents on the news last night, I was blow away at their dignity and strength. Their grace in this tragic time enables a movement to begin around the injustice committed to their son, and his loved ones. My deepest sympathy and respect to these parents.

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Especially poignant with your boys in them. ~r
A dangerous looking family. I hope you're all wearing Kevlar vests under those hoodies. Thanks for mentioning what you did about the parents. I didn't see the interview. Their dignity will elevate this matter into the clouds.
great picture of all of you..:)
Thanks to you and your big heart, those kids will grow up to be respectful of all humanity. Kudos to you.

What a great photo. Your kids have inherited quite a world.
I hope the family eats M & M's and gives up the rainbow for the duration. Beautiful family by the way!
rated with love
Pleased to meet you and your beautiful children, Maureen. One day, a hundred years from now, someone will look at your photo and say "what costumes they wore!"
~rated with a smile~
What Joan said. Rated.
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