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For My Birthday: My Favorite Music, Evah...

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I turn 37 today. I know, I know, I'm still a kid. But it's the mileage plus years, you know. Maybe this new year will bring all sorts of lovelies..and if it does, great. But savoring what I've already got is pretty sweet too.

Music has been my dearest companion since I could carry a tune. My first favorite album was Rumors, when I was three. Still love it. Gimme Shelter was also a childhood fave, as well as Thriller and She's So Unusual. Little Earthquakes saved my life on more than one occasion; and I still get dreamy thinking about all those cute boys from Seattle when I hear Ten.

I'll never forget the day I read Elliott Smith had died. I cried; he is the only stranger I've ever cried for. His album Either/Or I'll take with me to the other side...or maybe someday I'll find him there and he'll sing to me, "Say Yes." 

The album Gimme Fiction by Spoon jump started my writing when I was too tired from child rearing to think straight. It's incredible how one form of art can inspire another...and then back again.

I need to pic up Bon Iver's newest work; also I'm wishing Modest Mouse would get over his self-consciousness at his success and put out another album...not an EP, damned it. So I do have things to look forward to, as well as wonderful things to recall.

This is an extraordinarily self-indulgent post, since music is subjective, like all art. Thanks for bearing with me in my nostalgia. I'm loading this down with YouTube videos. Enjoy if you wish...

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Happy Birthday!!!

Maureen,"I wish you a haρρy birthday,I wish you a haρρy birthday..and a haρρy new year"... And my wish is your "Maybe this new year will bring all sorts of lovelies"..Makari...as we say here in Greece..meaning..'I hoρe you do".It was for all of us to bring you ρresent but you brought us your excellent music.I am 36..almost 40..and we have some same musics.Imagine tomorrow is my sisters birthday..Wish you well,love and joy.Best regards.
Happy Birthday! A great day to surround yourself with your favorite music. Very cool list.
rated with love
Happy Birthday, Maureen! Rock on. Cyndi Lauper, Fleetwood Mac, and our dear departed Michael Jackson -- all great selections.
Oh Boy! Great music to eat breakfast by and I toast your birthday with a glass of prune juice. You are so young!!!! Enjoy every minute.
Happy Birthday! Have to agree that Gimme Shelter is one of the greatest rock songs EVAH.
Cool list, Elliott Smith is one of my all time faves also, I don't like Tori now but used to love her back in the day.
Happy Birthday Maureen, best regards for a year of joy and new beginnings. xo
Happy Birthday, Maureen. May you be embraced by the warm glow of your music for many more.
Thanks Tink!

STATHI- many thanks. It's been years since I visited the extraordinary Greece...but you're in my mind there now. Have a lovely day.

RomanticPoetess- many thanks!

Erica- thanks so much.

zanelle- that prune juice sounds good this morning. Many thanks.

Jeanette- thank you. That song touches something unique in the human heart, doesn't it?

rita- ah yes, another Elliott fan. I knew I'd find one here. Many thanks! Have a lovely day.
Happy Birthday! Stevie Nicks is one of the great rock voices of all time, although I relate more to "Landslide" at my age. Thnks for sharing your music. R
Happy, happy birthday, Maureen! Wishing you a year filled with lots of health & joy & great discoveries! I'll come back to enjoy this concert...thanks for sharing your favorites!
Gerald- isn't Ms. Nicks devine! Love her. Thanks!

clay ball- thanks so much. Have a beautiful day.
Happy Birthday!! I love your music. Gimme Shelter is my favorite Rolling Stones song. Ok, I don't Love (like, tolerate) Fleetwood Mac, but that's totally NOT the point. The point is Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday to you! :) Party!

For you:
Happy Birthday & keep singing! Thanks for MJ & Cyndi! R
A very big Happy Birthday, Maureen! May you find happiness in every step you take. R
What fun!!! You you you, HaPPy BirThdAy! I love this, because I too am with music a lot, I do things with it, and it is a glimpse further into ya by knowing your taste. So.. thank you, sweetie. Have a beauty evening, twilight and night. X, R for Remembrance. We should ALL do this!!
Razzle- thanks so much. I love Natalie Merchant and have been listening to 10,000 Maniacs all week!

Marilyn- thanks. You can't go wrong with MJ and Cyndi!

Thoth- thank you, and you too.

Songbird -many thanks!
Some good recordings - the ones I know, child. ;-D

Happy B'day!
Happy Birthday
Wishing you joy and laughter on your special day
Love the musical selection :)
Listening to Gimme Shelter showing that I am oh so much more than 37 ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAUREEN. 37 is a great age. Enjoy!!

All the best in the year ahead and Time after Time ... :)
Happy Birthday Maureen! May all the future miles be good travels.
Many, happy days. And many wonderful songs. Wishing you the best.
Everybody gets to be self-indulgent on their B-day!! Happy Birthday to you. Great music, I share your excellent taste.