NOVEMBER 6, 2012 11:35AM

Campaign 2012: Leave it all on the playing field

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One of the superstar volunteers at my office received a call from President Obama a couple weeks ago. The volunteer was thanked by our president for his hard work, and encouraged to continue making calls and knocking doors. “Leave it all on the playing field,” is what President Obama is reported to have said.

As Campaign 2012 closes, like the epic final chapter in a favorite novel, I can tell you folks, I’ve left it all on the playing field. I’ve volunteered for the better part of a year, and I am so thankful I have.

It was December of last year I attended my first Organizing for America meeting, which was held at the kitchen table at a volunteer’s house. Mentioning I was an artist and blogger, I put myself out there, though I wasn’t sure why. Something in me said, “Share yourself,” and so I did.

At first, I was appointed a neighborhood digital captain. Last summer I was asked to be a regional digital lead for Washington State. I’ve written blogs, taken photos, and organized digital content from other cities. Along the way, I’ve been given support by other volunteers and staff. I’ve felt my skills and confidence expand in this volunteer position; and so this has been a privilege for me.

The dedication I’ve seen from staff and volunteers for OFA is unlike anything else, and I can’t think of anything contemporary to compare it to. I suppose this is a movement: one towards progress, equality, and prosperity. Getting to the goal post is taking more work than I could have imagined- performed daily by thousands of people. This is what change looks like: dedication and work.

When I voted for President Obama last week, I felt like I had magical powers because not only was I casting a ballot, I had convinced others to do so, too. I felt I had walked the walk. Empowering at every turn, the Obama Campaign has proven to be the real thing.

I implore everyone to get out and vote today, if you haven’t already. It’s not just a civic duty; it’s a powerful act of intention on the world. Embracing this personal power will make you feel better- I know it.





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maureen- your worked your butt off and your kids watched you and learned. Good on you.. and thanks for voting!