NOVEMBER 21, 2012 12:50PM

Unusual Things I’m Thankful For…

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Nightly, I list things I’m thankful for in my head before I fall asleep. Like most everyone else, I am deeply grateful for my children, family, and friends. Also, I am blessed to write at Open Salon, The Politicus, and other sites and publications that have carried my work this year. Blessed am I, blessed are most, just to be here. But there are also many things I appreciate that are unusual, for example…

Chocolate cake- a baker by trade originally, I love to make stuff in my kitchen. This past summer I found a heart shaped cake pan at a garage sale and flipped- what a find. I call homemade cake from it “Piece of My Heart.”

Lost teeth- A little gruesome, I know, but lost teeth are a significant thing at my house because they mean my babies are growing up- which is the goal. Raising happy boys to become happy, loving men has always been my aim; and every lost baby tooth brings my family a step closer.

Art- Art saves lives, period. What every artist knows that every non-artist often doesn't is there is heaven on earth. A safe, quiet harbor where everything is bearable and nothing is threatening is here- in the artist’s studio. I couldn’t have survived my divorce, or the innumerable traumas I’ve experienced, without the exquisite peace of making art.


Dog groomers- I’m not being flippant; since adopting a stray Yorkie, groomers have become essential. The lady preferred by my dog, Kya, is Jamie. Anxious by nature, the dog calms easily for her. Last week, Kya got in to some cookies my mom left in my car, and the aftermath was 24 hours of doggie hell. My carpet will have to be replaced. Anyway, paying $40 bucks for a groomer to clean the dog up nicely was money well spent.

Grandma Margie’s Piano- My piano is old, but not classic, and a little roughed up. The money and time it took to transport it didn’t make sense economically, since a similar thing could have been picked up for free locally. But my piano, which belonged to my grandmother Margie, is special. She taught her seven children, and several grandchildren including me, how to play using this. When I found an auntie wanted to unload it on FB, I was quick to claim it. Now, my younger son is learning to play on it. I can feel the ghosts in my family listening…

Candles- Warned by a shaman about the power of fire magic, I know the usefulness of intention and flame. Lighting one in the morning, I put my thoughts into what I want, and feel the color. For example, if it’s a family day, I burn a purple one. For joy I use yellow. To banish something, I burn a black candle. It’s just a mental thing, I know, but this helps me to focus.

Unconditional love- I feel this for my children, my mom, my twin, and for friends and family who’ve stood by me. I even feel this for my ex-husband, who is, after all, the father of my children. Loving someone unconditionally doesn’t mean having no boundaries- it’s there whether the beloved is actively in one’s life or not. Unconditional love is impervious to time and circumstances- it cannot be diminished or dismissed. St. Teresa said, “God is love.” I believe this is what she meant. Unconditional love is something surrendered to.

I invite everyone to look deeply into their lives this Thanksgiving and find the blessings typically overlooked. Become reacquainted with the exquisite beauty of being.



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I really like your list. It is unconventional, but rings with honesty.

I hope you have a good holiday!
I am happy and thankful for friends like you.
Happy Thanksgiving. You've got a great attitude.
just phyllis- many thanks and Happy Thanksgiving.

Linda- I am thankful for you toooo!

jlsathre- Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving to you too.
I'm grateful to read this kind of article. You made me to think simple things that most of the time I hardly notice. Simple things that really made a great contribution of being me. Thank you for posting this kind of article.
I'm not always thankful for E-mail, because I can come into my office in the morning to 38 messages. But I am thankful always for the Internet which brings people together in ways I would not have imagined 20 years ago.
Art. Yes.

There is so much of a gap between experience and normal, conversational language. Which is one of the reasons for art.
Art. Yes.

There is so much of a gap between experience and normal, conversational language. Which is one of the reasons for art.
What a beautiful list! I feel you on so many of these, especially the chocolate cake! What would life be without chocolate and pastries? I don't know if I want to ponder that! I also really loved this reflection: "What every artist knows that every non-artist often doesn't is there is heaven on earth." Going to think about that... Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!
I go for unconditional love.It means a lot to me,too.
Thanksgiving! I thought it was a New Year Post but it still works. Thank you for being brave, artistic and communicating your inner feelings. You are a classy lady.