JANUARY 25, 2013 11:49AM

My First Week as a Working Mom

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Life is strange- but sometimes that’s a good thing. After wringing my hands about finding a suitable job, an excellent position dropped from the sky. Through the power of social media, I was connected to an employer who can utilize my skills and challenge me to grow- and I get paid for this.

With great eagerness, I started this new position a week ago, and it went well. I am the Executive Director of North Bank Artists Gallery, a non-profit in my hometown of Vancouver, WA. Just north of Portland, OR, the gallery draws talent from around our metro area, though mostly we represent Southwest Washington. Our mission statement is something I believe in whole-heartedly, and so it’s easy to advocate for it.

This gallery I was a member of a decade ago, but left to tend to my babies. Coming back as an older, wiser and grayer woman, I actually feel I have something to contribute now. The stockpile of digital and leadership skills I acquired in my year of volunteering for the Obama campaign comes in handy, as do my years of being a professional artist. I guess I feel I have a lot to give here, and receive as well.

My one and only concern about going back to work was how it would affect my children. Rattled to their souls by the leaving of their father from our home, my kids have had a rough year. At times, their grief bubbles over, as does their insecurities about more changes. My younger one especially was frantic about my getting a job; he was sure it would mean he wouldn’t see me, or get to spend time at home. Visions of abandonment haunted him for months.

One of the great fortunes of this position is it allows some flexibility with my hours. Though I easily put in a forty hour week, I can work from home, at night, and on weekends. This means on most days, I can pick up the youngest after school. His face lights up when he sees me. Having his mom go back to work is something he is excited about now, because it solves a lot of other worries we had.

I am sleeping well at night, as I have fewer concerns, and frankly, I’m tired. Resting a little easier is a welcomed change after a year of scary and miserable changes. Sometimes I think the secret of having a happy life is just getting up every day and waiting out the shitty times. Stick around long enough, and something truly wonderful is bound to happen.

Check out our website, which I’ve been re-working all week. It’s not completely done yet, and frankly never will be, but I like it so far: www.northbankartistsgallery.com.

Happy Friday to all of you!



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How exciting for you - in so many ways! Congratulations!
Sounds wonderful. They are lucky to have you!!
toritto- many thanks!

Joisey- thanks!

Jeanette- I'm super excited. Thanks!

zanelle- ah, thanks!
Congratulations on the new position! Good luck and God bless you.
Congratulations! Sounds like an absolutely amazing job. You have come a long, long way. R
Congratulations!! It is so hard to be pulled in so many directions and it shows what a great mom you are to hold such concerns for your kids. The best thing for them is to watch you grow, as you are. Good luck to you! Going to check out the gallery now! R
Wow, Maureen, this is wonderful! Congratulations & all the best to you in your new position!
You already know how proud I am of you.
Rock on sista friend
It sounds like you found the perfect job. Congrats and good luck.
Congrats, Maureen, you deserve the best of luck. R
You give me hope that the bluebird of happiness and jobs will crap on on my head sometime soon. Congrats on your good fortune and here's hoping you will love the work and enjoy the peace that comes with a regular paycheck.
How wonderful to read this good news! Congratulations and all the best to you!!!