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OCTOBER 8, 2013 11:46PM

Why Do We Love Ghost Stories?

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Saturday, I was reminded of my love of ghost stories when my kids and I met friends at the local historical museum for a ghost tour. Though the guide is a knowledgeable local historian, he kept to the topics of accidental deaths and suicides related to buildings we walked past. Fascinating to me this time of year are stories like these, but only if the tormented souls become earthbound, forever cursed to walk the streets of Downtown Vancouver.  I usually keep a positive tone for loved ones, and so it’s fun for me to get a taste of the dark side vicariously through these stories.

It was difficult not to interrupt the guide with additional stories about Downtown ghosts. Having kept a studio in the most haunted building in Vancouver for a year, I had many little experiences. Admittedly, there isn’t really anything too special about my recent stories- just stuff getting knocked over, cold spots, and inexplicable sounds.

I really enjoy hearing people’s stories about the paranormal. Football is the only other thing I find gets folks animated this time of year. The dying light and leaves provides little to feel enthused about.

Why do people never tire of telling and hearing these stories? Maybe it’s some kind of reassurance we live on past these amazing bodies of ours; our fascination with ghosts could simply help us accept death. Maybe it keeps the child within us alive to believe in supernatural elements.

I find the older I get the less fearful and more comforted I am by spirit stories. I wonder if my grandparents are hanging out, keeping an eye on their Momo.

Okay, I guess I have one story to share. I had a dream about my dead grandmother, Margie, a few months back. She was telling me something, but I don’t recall what. When I awoke I had a sense of her. Later, I was looking for something in the closet and came across a binder with photos she sent me a decade and a half ago. On the front of the binder was a typed letter explaining some genealogy. Additionally, she mentioned Grandpa’s health, which was something she obsessed about for sixty years. In the letter she mentioned his cluster headaches and a medicine his physician finally found to help him. It was an anti-inflammatory, which was a little strange. I suffer with these headaches and hadn’t realized Grandpa did, too. I will bring the letter to my doc the next time I get a physical and ask about the med.

Maybe from the grave, Grandma Margie was trying to help me with my headaches.

And this is why I still love ghosts: sometimes they can surprise me.





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I'll bet she was trying to help you! Great story! :)
I LOVE a good ghost story, thanks! Got any more?
I love a good ghost story too and don't even mind the occasional spirit dropping by as long as they behave :)
Your story reminds me of Casper the friendly ghost who I adored as a kid. I think ghosts are important. As kids we used to scare each other silly on our little backyard camping nights. Ooooo fingers under the rug still gives me chills.
Good old Gramma Margie...
Ss you know I have been writing them for the museum here and I cannot believe how many there are..
But I believe in Gramma Margie..:)
We should always listen to and heed the messages from the descendants' voices. I do believe spirits are capable of taking on various forms, including those interlopers in dreams that turn out to reveal something about our physical natures.
I suppose there are a couple of reasons we like those stories. One is that we like the idea that we're not automatically confined to the natural, that the inexplicable can still happen. Another is that element of immortality.

After my son died, I had dreams about him, not constantly, but I did. Almost all of them were happy. It helped me deal. Of course I wonder if he had anything to do with that; I like to think he did. The idea that I'll see him makes the prospect of death much easier to face - when it comes, if I still believe that, there will be an element of it I actually look forward to.

Of course, I suppose the possibility exists that I'll die and be told "He's been reincarnated. Not due back for seventy years." Or something like that. Funny, I've never heard that concept in a story.
clay ball- I like to think so. Thanks!

WriterForever63- thanks...I have many more!

Lunchlady2- Well behaved spirits are always a pleasure!

zanelle- I loved Casper too.

Linda- I do so love your ghost stories, too. Maybe that was why I felt compelled to go to our museum here.

Belinda T.- I always listen.

koshersalaami- I am glad you find comfort in these kinds of dreams. I do too because they show me love transcends physical death. I too have wondered if loved ones will have reincarnated before I can get back to them. I guess I worry too much!
I love ghost stories because they imply relevance. Some storytellers can show us their own demons. Figments of their imaginations. Their creativity is endless I suppose. Which is why I love ghost stories. Where does the soul go that knows no boundary? I do not know. The possibilities are beyond infinite. :) Our native ancestors have told us many great tales about spirit worlds.
ghost stories, first-hand experiences, paranormal reality shows: it's cool reality for those [me] who believe.
Me too.

Love that you take your kids on a Ghost Tour.
Imagination starts here ;-)
So cool that you took the children