Reiko Eoh

Reiko Eoh
March 09
Columnist and Cartoonist; Political Humor/Social Commentary; Print and Blog; Left-handed,left-brained liberal. Left leanings,right thinking; I’m funny that way.

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AUGUST 6, 2010 1:49PM

Clinton Wedding Surprise

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    Clinton Wedding Surprise

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i can hear whoopie g's salahis salutation.
Reiko, great idea here about the party crashers! Let's see if they crash the next OS meet-up, too. The bushes behind everyone in the sketch remind me of the famous Dan Quayle quote from the '80s: "So we went out behind the Bushes."
Thanks much, Catherine, appreciate it!
LoL! Funny Dan Quayle quote, Designanator! Years later, he's a genius next to 'W'. Omg.
I hear it too, Chuck! lol!
Love it! We get such enjoyment out of those crashers, don't we?
Thanks Liza! Yes, those crashers are 'delightful', aren't they!
Thanks Amanda,G. :)
I think that those people are dangerous nut cases. The worst thing to do with them is legitimize their existence, still, I've got to say the freak in me thinks this one is funny as all get out. Nice work and congrats on the EP.
Thanks Bob; appreciate it! :)