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Littleton, Colorado, USA
July 28
I'm a parent of three, one a now-deceased Columbine victim (Daniel), a perfectly lovely 23 year old woman who works in youth services and recently graduated from college, and a gifted and adopted Chinese daughter, age 9. I was an English major, with an abiding interest in literature and writing. I think I'm retired from the world of work. Mostly, I have been a parent (I was never good at multi-tasking anyway). I have a feisty and loving husband, who was a strong advocate of gun control and was instrumental in getting Amendment 22 passed here in Colorado. Even though gun control became passe particularly in the Bush years, it still has a lot of resonance for me (although we Americans seem to adore our weaponry). I'll be blogging some on issues of grief and healing, since these have become areas of particular interest to me since the murder of my son.

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