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JUNE 28, 2009 6:24AM

She's a Big Teaser, She'll Take You Half the Way There

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Rich at a Judo Clinic on Alamo Beach

And so will I.

 This is partly in response to wakingupslowly's challenge. It is also offered as my contribution to an open call I mostly wasn't paying attention to, sometime in May. (Thanks, Cherie, for directing me to your post!)

Leaving a bit more to the imagination--and leave me to my imagination at your own risk--is CoyoteOldStyle's offering. There's a lot going on in that mischievious smile. Nice! Sort of jealousing someone else got the shot.

Plus, as an added bonus, you also get DakiniDancer, late of Open Salon fame and riding on ahead to glory. I loved her while she lived, and never told her the words. She'd look you in the eye, that one would. Isn't she beautiful?

I don't remember seeing any of the others in the "no make up" challenge post, if any, aggregated anywhere.

 My entry is from awhile back. I'm guessing 2002.  It is from a Judo weekend at Alamo Beach, just up the beach from the ghost town of Indianola.

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I remember this being a great weekend. If the lights are off in the adjoining room, then this photo was taken after 2 a.m. on a Sunday morning.
whoo-ooh! Looking damn good there Rich
Those were the days, Julie.
The body is a lot like mine, I'm just better looking. What can you do, you can't pick your parents!!
The "then" is nice but the "now" ain't bad either. ;)
You should see me now: I really need a haircut.
I have no memory of posting any such challenge. I think you are imagining said bait.

Perhaps you just wanted an excuse to post a naked pic of yourself. If that is indeed you; I'm not 100% convinced.

But here's my real question, what exactly made the weekend so great? Besides the fact that you were naked at 2am and someone was taking photos of you? hmmm?
scanner, we'll need to see some photographic evidence.

life, I appreciate the compliment! I will need to take a couple of laps around the track before posting something more current.

waking, it's me all right. And while I don't deny your assertion, I'm also hoping your memory will improve. To answer your question: many things that can make a weekend good, but only one or two that can make it great.
You look like trouble. I like trouble.
From what I can see.....good looking!
O'Really, I'm Trouble with a capital IN, for the most part.

Patricia, thanks! Also, the concern you expressed yesterday has been noted.
I get it. Damn. I need a great weekend.
you look great in this pic. veery cool about the judo. i can't believe there's another crappy challenge. what is this one? still recovering from the no makeup one. and i did just post some no makeup pics. love love lvoe and gratitude
Theodora, (1) this was a personal challenge, after wakingupslowly recently mocked my manly parts, and (2) this is my (late) entry in the no make up open call. Glad you like!!
You must be a lot of fun in person. Why don't you come to Vegas?
I don't drink, I don't smoke cigarettes, and I don't gamble. So, up until June 28 2009 10:44 AM, I never had a reason to come to Vegas.

But between a personal invitation from Cartouche and an abiding love for Cher, I am beginning to see how this could happen.
You look kind of like Orion in this photo. Woo-hoo!
Notice, Style, that I have already removed the belt.
Karin, that was back when I still had man titties.

I like the song. Not sure I've decrypted the message yet, however.
Nice tunage. I bought it from iTunes. One can never have enough tunage.

You're a sweetheart, Karin!
When I click on Susan Mitchell's post, Pinwheel (an EP, too--congrats, Susan!!), it brings me back to a picture of my own chest. I swear to God. Truth be known, I would probably prefer to look at Susan's chest. Strangest thing I've ever seen.
Note: "Strangest thing I've ever seen" was a reference to the linking behavior, not to Susan's chest.
OMG! I'm waking up (I know it's noon, but I was up late) to Sunday Morning almost porn! Good job! rated!
Well well well Rich. A little beefcake to start my Sunday off right. Lookin' fine, my man. Mighty fine.
WomanBlogging, happy to oblige.

Sandra, thanks. I was goaded into this. Not goaded all that much, mind you.
Fine looking. But, you know, your avatar picture shows that you have still are looking mighty fine.
Thanks, O'Stephanie. I think I'm in an 'A' cup now.
Damn, now I want to marry you too! Hubba hubba. I should move to Utah.
Sally, Utah's just a hop, a skip, and a jump from here, as the Southwest Airline flies. I'll need to get an okay from the first Mrs. Rich, but once we clear that hurdle we should be a go! I'm expecting you to show up with Farrah hair, if that's not a deal breaker for you.
OMG - I cannot believe this piece did not make the cover today! wtf? I'm sending in a note of complaint!
That's a mouth full of watermelon giving me that Nick Nolte profile, pretty sure.
my god if there is not a devilish twinkle in your eye I dont know what that look is then
O, those boogie nights!
How did I miss this????!!!! Dazzling!
I agree with O'Really. You have trouble written all over you. Scorpio male. Egad. What a burden to carry.