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SEPTEMBER 19, 2009 5:19PM

The Wicked King of Clubs Awoke

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One of the best songs written by the late, great Townes Van Zandt.

Butch Hancock performs a more striking rendition, but he is still jealousing that Townes wrote this one.

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You sure can pick 'em, Rich! Rated and appreciated.
Van Zandt is a favorite of mine. I am not making a comparison here, but this somehow reminds me of how Paul Anka regrets giving "She's A Lady" to Tom Jones.

Great catch, Rich Banks.

I love Townes. Very cool vid.

(Nice to see you.)
Thank you...what a wonderful surprise...xox
As Coyote said, rated and appreciated!
Townes Van Zandt died in 1997. Wow, it doesn't seem like he's been gone that long! I never saw him perform. I like how far he carries the metaphor. The personification of the cards themselves, the liberal use of poker terminology. It is just a beautiful song in every way.

Later on, Butch Hancock wrote two songs: "Split and Slide" and "Split and Slide II", both of which make use of a number of characters from Hancock's songs--including Split and Slide, Mario and Maria, Leo and Leona--along with several pairs of characters from some Townes songs, including Poncho and Lefty, and Mudd and Gold. The CD Split and Slide II was released with Butch's renditions of all of the characters' songs, culminating in a rolicking rendition of the title track. It was a true tour de force. That's the best version of Mudd and Gold that I know of. I have never seen a CD or MP3 release of it. I have the tape around here somewhere.
I meant to say the record (LP) Split and Slide II. I think there was an LP. Pretty sure there was never a CD release.
If you're into levels of meaning, then you should know that I consider the King of Clubs to be "my" card in the Tarot deck.

(Will someone please alert Liz Emrich.)