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SEPTEMBER 28, 2009 7:38AM

Monday Musical Bite, with Bonus Bark

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 Apropos of nothing, here is Eliza Gilkyson performing one of her best tunes, Borderline. That appears to be Slaid Cleaves stepping out of the spotlight. He's great, too!


The Bark Museum again

Here is a bit closer view of the undustable Bark Museum (along with my favorite reference book, Seussical Methods). I invite you all to come see these for yourself. Those Devil's Claws are wonderful to pick up and play with. (And so, too, I suspect, is Eliza Gilkyson, though I can't promise you that.)

Gotta go to work now.


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I can't feed you a balanced breakfast, but this is certainly better than stone soup.
Awwwwww, love her. I saw her several years ago at a small gig, before I knew her name. That's always the best way - when your expectations are nil, but hopeful.

As far as the books, I see Calculus and Pre-Calc... the tilted grey one in the middle looks interesting, though.
Your bark museum is really cool. My oldest son made a "Book of Barks" when he (I typed "we" and isn't that the truth) were much younger. I still have it and cherish it.

Music is the food of love.
Waking, that one says Mathematical Analysis on the cover, and a lot of other things I no longer understand on the inside. Learning math is like throwing spaghetti at the wall. Most of it doesn't stick for very long.
JK, my wife is a tolerant woman. I'm a mess, in every way. And yet, she stays.

Style, I was hoping you would stop by and see the Bark Museum! I posted a full bookshelf tour yesterday; I hope you stop back by and take the tour.
The song isn;t really resonating with me but I like the randomness of your post. So, you gets the rating.
What a treat...never thought of a bark collection, but it's great! And I have all of Eliza Gilkyson's albums...She's a favorite!! Rated
McGarrett, music is a very personal experience. The studio version of this song has a nicer arrangement; I'll give you that.

Ralph, I wouldn't have taken you for an Eliza Gilkyson fan. Nice to know you.