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Rich Banks
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November 15
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FEBRUARY 3, 2010 6:24PM

Dun dun tah-dah dun dun dah dah dah

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Style got me thinking about the Olympics, and I found this clever version of the Olympic theme on YouTube. That's all I got.


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Man, the agony of defeat!
The thrill of victoreeee! Love it! xox
I miss the ski-jumper crashing.
How did I do that? Because I'm slightly obsessed and soon will be in an Olympics-induced coma for about two weeks? Can't wait!

And thanks for the shout-out, my friend!
I'm thinking I'll snuggle up for a couple of weeks with the Olympics, too, Style! There are so many great winter sports and hopefully NBC will get the coverage right.
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Happy Birthday, Rich Banks ! May you celebrate many more in Style.