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JUNE 1, 2012 9:59PM

FOX Lets Slip The Veil

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  Let us disinfotain you. LET US DISINFOTAIN YOU: The FOX and Friends hosts prepare to air their anti-Obama video.

Wednesday, the morning show on the FOX "news" network aired, several times during its broadcast, a four-minute anti-Obama propaganda video that it had produced -- and which was so billed, as "A Fox And Friends Production".

It's difficult to get riled about this sort of thing anymore -- but the video is textbook psy-ops infowar: a slurry of decontextualized facts, presented in a broth of scary, minor-key triumphalist music, in order to mislead the viewer into believing that Obama had caused the steep decline of every possible favorable metric of American well-being.

We get indicators such as gas prices and the unemployment rate without dates -- only "THEN" and "NOW" -- and without any context, any facts that might explain actual cause. The purpose of the video, again, is to suggest that Obama and his policies are the sole cause.

After some uproar -- even from right-wing commentators -- the "news" network feigned to disavow the video, forced the low-level producer who had been assigned to produce it to walk the plank. Are we really to believe they were not monitoring their own morning show as it repeatedly aired the purportedly rogue producer's work? The network has since scrubbed the video from its official site, though apparently not from "Fox Nation", the cultish blog/aggregator website that it maintains for its audience, and not from YouTube. The folks who believe this insane nonsense have seen it, and will continue to believe it. That damage was done long ago.

I'm not sure what Rupert Murdoch's motivations are here. The British government found the News Corp CEO earlier this month to be "not a fit person to exercise the stewardship of a major international company." This is yet another piece of evidence to support the Parliamentary committee's conclusion.

Still, in the UK, Murdoch's employees were merely hacking cell phones; here, they are hacking our entire political process. Murdoch is essentially in control of the information flow to one of the only two major American political parties. The destructive brew of toxins that his "news" channel feeds American conservatives is damaging the fabric of the country.

Whatever Murdoch's actual agenda is, the multinational corporation that he controls is essentially doing what al Qaeda did: taking advantage of the freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution in order to damage the United States.

Because the First Amendment guarantees free speech and a free press, Murdoch can pretend to be a press in order to peddle a false narrative that weakens the nation's ability to act in its own interest.

FOX "News" honcho Roger Ailes, a lifelong GOP operative, appears to be the dupe. He's willing to damage the country, so long as it helps the Republican Party regain or retain power. That this is the same brand of willful destruction that is now wielded by GOP leaders in Congress is no coincidence.

The question now is, what can be done in response?

The left-sided media watchdog group Media Matters debunks the video's false narrative with actual facts, here.


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